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The^Rio News. 


Vol. XXIV. 

RIO DE JAXBIRO, MARCH 22.nii, 1898 

Nr.MUKK 12 


r.\ HI': s, riiHRO, 


Pa<ilic Steam A'avif^nmii L'Dmfii'iy 

.■iia-.i\ S,ir:i/ &• .4IHm (>■. /-'■. 

7'hf \r.i' /.faifi»<i Shtmn^^ d'.. /' 

Repairs to Ships and Maciiiiiery 


^,..1 Soil-! Sl Co. I.iuuti'd, biivtiU-)"* 
iit /Cuip-,' Vfuk-I. Mc.iiR-i-iil<JO. Ui I'liiia 
„-niii./il Pons; ;uid.nmu.iBoll><^'-^--^" 

■[■he Ti:iii>.;illiiiuic SU'.imi-liiii l.\>mii,iin<-s ; 

QuAYLE. Davidson & Co. 

119 Rua da Quitanda Cai.xa no Correio 16 

immim imx\mi ^ importers 

Receive orders for all description of Merchandise from 

Europe and the United States of America. 




and all Railway supplies, both European and American. 


„lis . 

Tin; always rf.uly 
Cirflo Lillhloi-».—Hllo, 


Bank NoteComi)any, 


NOTES of the UNI. ED STATES; a-id for 
Foreign Covernnienta. 

KWK M»IK«.»ill,\ltKlt i:itTIKI<\TKS. IH)M>« 

nut i;o>hinmi;m.s \m) roui'iii;ATi»i>|-, 

im.VKTS. (Illrk*. TIJl.I.-* \*V l..\( II.V>4.K. 
8TA.MI'!S, .Vi.. - ■ - ■ ■ 



INO, I'lvRKlUUA vV: CO. 

.s<.cro.*.(/ V I,' II'. A'. C.tSS/-:/..S ^■- CO. 
11, Riia i-'ik- Man,-ii, KIO HI-: J,\M:IK0, 

11, niirtilii ijiiii.iiuiii, sAu r.\i-i.' 

Importers aud Ageats for Hauufacturers, 

tu-ss— MiirilwarP, Domestic jtooils, Sin..i.-iiiUtits. ft 
eli:,— lire respectfully soliciled. 


Importers tinti Commhxion Merchnntg. 

27. RUA DO HOSPICIO, 1st floor 


Sole ascm.^ fur the Pmilan.i I'eii.enl by J 
B. Willie .\ Btolheri. London, Eiiiil;iii.i. 

Dealer* ill iillclii'i,«suf mercliamii'e ( V-v^n.^f ..i.,i the 


CiipU Ati.iffs.i ,■— .-KiirA-Kio. 

J^. CL^^XJSE3Sr 


FOQgK i go., flio Grande dc Sul | Havaca EigarsJ 
Bavar-ia Bfewer-y, S. Paulo, 

Price: i^eooa prr Doieii withuut b^ttlea. 

Also i> Mes.^.s. 

Costa !-eki.hika A I'kn.i^. ,i. Ke..x ilijhia), 

RoOKHBt^KG k Co. 

Gbuk. Kliniienmhw;, Deiiiulii (Lylhognphcr*), 



1 'iin^AOBLi'inx, I'Bsy. 

BURNHAM. WILLIAMS & Co., Proprietors. 

Tlicse locomolivc cnainus arc lajincl to every variety of service, ami are bviill 
accurately to standard gauges an.l temi.iates. Lite parts ol different engines ol same 
ciaa^ perteccl^ interchangeable, ^ J-' 

J\,ssfM,Lr am/ Fnvjhl LocoimlUvs. Minr I.'Komotives, Xarruic Uamje Uicunu,- 
tiva, Xlmm Sdvd Can, etc., etc.; L....uin,,[ivo« nnd Plant Tur l-;iec:lriu Flnllwiiys by the Baldwin 

We9tinyhoii„i.'. CiiibiiiHiiou. 

jill -o^T-OTTlt • g-u-srsnteecL. 

Illustnuted catalogue rurnished on application or customers. 

So/t: Agcnls in Bnizil : ^.CTZCT., _^..:::~'SJ X _-. _ ~. 

Xo. 58. RUA PRIMEIRO DE MARQO, Rio de Jtmeiro. 


WurU H.u-i.u(o<l In Flri-yrour lliillilln«.- 


K.\l\ W IV THIvK IS or 1M]'H"> i:» STVLE8. 

JAMES MftCDONOUGH, PrtiSlflenl. 
TKEO. H. FfiEELAND. Stc'i and 
JNO. E, CURRIER. Ass! Sec'j, 
J.K, MYERS, Ass'l Tfeas. 

J Vice-Presidenls. 

' (;LMM,\K.-\K,^ \ Co. 


;iiiV)ori.ers of 

Vrf..,, Dotiro ami Lisbon wiiirs of the ticst .(Hiiiitie* 

ottle.>.,or 111 t:4sits,aiKl iiiiiicr the priv.ue ui^.rlts of the hi),is 

Sole Ageniis for 
Blandv Hkothbh..; & Co., 

Ejcponer d( M^iJcir.i W.iies 
G. Pkklc.bkSi Co., Horae;tu!i, 

E. Khmv MAHris ,i C. . 

E,i,o„rt of Cognac 

Dealers m 

BurKundy, Rhine and Moaei wiiic.^, Shsrrie.s, Charapagna 
Cognac* and Liqueuii of ihe best brands. 

'kua da Aljandega, 8^. 

-pilK ALLISON MANlTACTL-RlNt; T ";;,;[f:l\!(;;o;vf,RTH COMI'AXV 

-*- it-'f ...■ .J... n, ; 

rhiUiddphiu Ptiin. 


Wilmi>,<j(on. Del. 


re. ^u.^oT.t. Evet'v descr'ipLion of Paspengef 

Evei'V description of Freight Cars >- •=' y i 

rot- broad and narrow gauge Rail- 

Sole Agents m Brazil ; 

Norton, Mep & Co,, L'd, 

Cars I'or bruaci and narr-ow guage 

Special atleiuion given to the Sec- 
uonal Consir-uction of Car-r-iages for 
shipment lo Foreign Railways. 



Provision Merchant, 
Shipping Grocer and General dealer. 

1 . Praca 15 de Novembro - 

1.ATK r.Al,.\CH Si.UAKl-: 




Sole Agents In Brazil ; 

NortOD, Megai & Co,, L'd, 



The .stiiiidarii vrt-viiitivf a^aiii^l the perils of a 
tmpiciil climnic. coiiiittrriieliiis the effect-s of excessive 
hiTit ami noniiali-,iiii; the function-s of ihe stomacii. 
iTiU-.stiiifs, liver, ami kidiieyis. Cures heiid-aches, 
:K-i(i:ty (,f Ihe stotii,K-!i. liiliiiiisness, gout .ind rhciima- 
li-^tti ill ii.s less acute I'urmii, Mixed with their milk, 
il prtvi-ms bowel-troiihleft with children. It is also R 
valuable relief for u-,.iiien fttmnte. Pleasant and 
rclrfshiiiK, it can hy taken freely as a beverage, nnd s 
he only alkaline dr.iuuht th;it fonris no dangerous 
deposits in the stomach, intestines and bladder. 

For this iniponain ctjutribution to medical science 
and practice. Her Uritatiiiic Majesty conferred the 
honor of kuiBhthitod upon its inventor. Sir James 
Murray, M, D. His^itiuatnre, written with sreen ink, 
is found UiKiii the label of every ycniiiiie bottle, 

Ss. 1«500 pLT bottle. 

Norton Megaw & Co,, L'd, 

i,S, liua, !■' (le Mnn'o. 



\v.•^. luui d.i uu 


auti General Commission Merchatit. 

Receives Consignments 

P. O. Box. No, 68 




Westinghodse .Automatic Brake 

TheWestiMBhmise-\iilomatif''rnk.> i^ now m u^e 
on j6,ooo loconiotive,s and over i^ freight oar;-, 
i>«sides lu genera! ivie on pa.sseiiger ears. 

The Westiiighouse Air Hrake Co. are prepared to 
till orders for one to one thoiis.ind .set- of .^ir lintkc;- 
for FrciKht Cars at one hour's notice, 

For further infortniiticni apply to their 

Sole represcniBtivts in Brazil : 

Xorton Mcgaiv & Co. Vd. 

58, I'rimeiro tic Mar^o, 
Kio de Janeiro. 

Thomas S. Tipton 


LIPTON'S Pickles. 

LIPTON'S Groceries 

115. Bum da Quitanda. 



The beit material used and all woik guaiaritec<i. 

Nc, 29 A, ?.'-a de S, Fearo, 



[March 22ncl 1898. 



Eslablished 1782 

Authorized bi/ Jmperuil Decree No. S,0,'<7 of 

March 2JitK iSSi. 

Iiisuresn^iiiuHt riskof fire, houses. Roods ami nier- 
chandi^e, iiiiil offers the liest of Eiinratitees witli Lliu 
most fiivoralile comlilions. 

G. C. Anderson, Agent. 

J, Rii:i GeiiL'nil C:iiiiar:i-i,=t lloor. 

This company Jins just issued in Loiulon an lusur- 
nnce policy far tlie Atehisou Topeka and Santa Kf 
kaihv^ty Company, United States of America, for the 
amount of *i7,:iSo,i56.oo |^":„6;o,&5s)- having received 
(lie respective preniiuin ainoimting to 5169,109.00 

No other conipony h.TS ever taheii so large a risk \ip 
to the present date, 




CAPITAL .... £2.000.000 

Thi^ Conipsiny is prep.^red tu write Inr.Te 
iiiesiti llie <;ity ol' lUo flejnneica pn mOHl 

Apply 10 ir. niivid '/.' Sinisoit, 



Grande Hotel Metropole 



Fire and Marine. 
Capital ^2,500,000 

Agents for the RepuWic of Br;i/il : 

Walter Block & Co. 

No. uf.. Run dn Ouilaiula, 




f fMlld.. 

Audit in liio lU .Janclvo : 

G. C. Anderson. 



Capital ^2,(11)0,000 

Accumiilateil Kinids ^8.250,000 

i.stires against the ri.sks of fire, houses, j;oods and of every kind at reduced nitts. 

John Moor& &• Co, agents. 

No. R, Riia daCniidelnrin. 

1 of - 

i-iiKe, I 



The nparlment,'; have heeu repainted and rennpered 
throughout ami are hi.\urion..ily funiishcd. Tlie 
diiiiiig-i-ooin has also heeii refloored, and no expense 

The nosi comfortable Hotel 

in the city. The baths linve likewise been improved. 

As before; particular pains will be taken to provide 

llie guests of thi-s Hotel witli a table, and 

iviththe best of .service and attention. The electric 

passes the doi 


, de Jai 

lieul a 

■ pk-i 

.t Hoi 

— .A S;iiitiii),'o tulegrHiii of tlie 17th sayR tlie 
Cliiliiiii j;ovt:riiiiic-iit. has enj^agcd some Sivcdisli 
naval oflicers. 

— Tlie ChiJiitn government hns accc])tc<l the 
tender of Me.s.srs. l.ever, Murphy iS; Co, for 
[Hitting five tnrpedo bonis tojjether ,iL Valpar- 
aiso. The prii'e i.s 34,0011 dollars, and the 
time is 104 working days. 

— The Chilian customs revenue in 1S97 
amounted Lo ;f6t,tX3„53,S.39, of wliicli stun 
524,7i6,i4r,99 eorrespoiided to iiniiorts iind 
,<,^6„|6n,9i6.3o to exports. The corresponding 
ligiirt'fi for 1896 were respectively J63,[4i,- 
936,37, •;24. 425, 506.52, and j;3S,7ig,;[29..S5. 

—A lelegriiin from Peru savs that the pro- 
po.sal ofCliili to theiiLMili-alilvofltiat country, 
has not been aceepteit, and that the propo.sed 
plebiscite in Tacna and Arica i.s nndei" ilisciL-^- 
siun. Should this be fiivorahle to I'ern lluil 
euuntrvwill liave topavtcii millions dollar.^ 
iudemiiitv and llie loaiito Igle.sias, It would 
be nincir betlcr, in our npiiiinn. to acvept the 
neutrality prnp<>,sal. What e;ni IVni hojie to 
gain ilia war belweenChiii and Argentina? 

—Dr. Santiago MacLean ha.s been ^^oiniuis- 
sioiied lo ]M-oceed to riint^ Arenas to sludv 
and report upon the best manner of establish'- 
ing a penuaneuL quarantine station at tli.'it 
place, for the ins])eclioii of vessels arriving 
from the Atlantic iind bound for ])orls in the 
Pacific, Jle i.s also lo report on Uk^ health 
conililioiis oF Putila Arenas, and Ihe means of 
establisbiug a hospital service. The ri'iiorls 
are lo be presented to Ihc superior eounril of 
hygit'ue. The roiinnissioner's appointment is 
ad /H»ioiriii.~CluLiiui 'J'i>iu-x. 

ferers from politiciil agitations, vincerUiniii.-^ 
and nii.stnists. It is onlv siiuv llieii thai Hu- 
sky has cleared. Thus it mav be sai.l ib;ii fnr 
eight vears, with but brief respites, llii' eci.i,,,. 
niica! inlcresls of the ri-puhlic ha\e been 
subordinated to the political or liave sulT<Ted 
more or less severelv Irom causi's ili;ectlv cmi- 
necled with the ])iditical situation. liuring 
that ]ieriod the econoiniral situation of tin- 
i\-puhlic has made practically 110 af]v;ince 
wliatever, and has barelv kepi pace with the 
vegetative increase of the popidalioii. This js 
not arandnnior rhetorical statement for wv 
1 lo iirovc it hv hgnrcs, Ih-uiyli imi 







Cil lio|-i>^( 
1-. Ill,; 1.1 
fai-lors (if 


■ ,.;,' 





tlTL'SlS, ai 
still lltnt 

V I..T 


of V 

■o„l and 






He have cnialit s Inrn 

itniformlv favortililf fo|- ,Toiionii.Ml i-crov 
;ip(l for an iinpotl.itil advaitoi' in iiiilnstfv i 
coiiitiiL-i-L-e. — .lioiilc'.'idiv /'iiiit'X, .Mai'cli 2. 

77-//; J>/-/ir OF I'kTcr. 





Capital (fully .'i 
Reserve fund... 

Agents in Rio de Janeiro : 

Edward Ashworth & Co. 



Capital /i,ooo,ooo,'ii 

Reserve fum' 1,328,751 

Agent : P, E. Swanwick. 

1° de Mar^o— ?nd floor. 

. ONc-ell.'ui 

The hotel is surrounded by beautiful parks, walks, 
iu,lalarne tlorwl. 
The restaurant iiiid kitchen are class, 


Grande Hotel hi Estrangeiros 



Teteplaoof No, ,'^,008 

Tins tiotft, wtiicta lias tipfii comtilftftv rtstDrPii, is 
sitiiaifii ill Hit; bust iiait t>f ttii' cilv, n-iiLSvitii; air anil 
liRlll iroiu all iiliiv sides, dost Ui tlif i-Usitn'sl liiaieli 
of till; city, surroiiiidLsi by a large i^anli ai ; I 
cciiitorliible rooms newly atni well tmnisl 
sliower and warm bnlhs. clisinfectatits in il 
clo.sets, ctrinkiaic water iittereil bv Hie I'.ist.a 
Kood ralile serviee. and is, therefore, lo be c 
tbe first liolel of tills eanital. 


—Tlie Paratitinvntt trovinninnnil is disenssino 
(lie ailvi.saliililv of est,iliHsliiii,i; n slnle liaiiji 
full a iioflion of llie press eoinisus the idea, ii.s 
it would oiilv lie used for polilienl piir|iiises 
It nii^rlit i;o furllier ami snv llml il wiiiilil onlv 
lie n.sed lor rliricliinf;.! few favoicd ones, ns is 
file ease wiUi stnle biiiika tlironnliottl llic 
.'\iiieriean eoiiliiiciit.— Ilueiios .-Mi-csAVrvVrc. 

— .■\eeordiii^r lo lintji coiiijiilcd liv the Snilla 
V<i ntrrienluiral <!e|inflinctil. llie iirea itiitler 
ciilliviitioii dnriiig tlie pnsl war wa.s 990.270 
licelaiTsof wlieiilaiid V19. 1/Oof linseeil. Tile 
avi'i-at>i. yiclil of wheal lins been ,Sixi kilos per 
lieelarc. whilst in some parts it hns .iver.'igsd 
1201-1 kilos. 'Idle crop pans oiil, therefore, al 
aluiul 792.2trr tons. The nvrraije linseed crop 
has Irecii 7,10 kilos per liecla|-e. wiiicli makes 
the ei-op mil aiiiiut 2ji,,S77 tons. — Ihienos 



.111; a,i;ainsl tin 


; fill 


.-d lot 

■ ■folio- 

,e lii-opo.s,ds lo ilu- rni.un-e iiiinis- 
ter. 1-ii-sl. lo |i:iiise in the issue of tJie hoiiiis 
till eotigi-ess nicels, .^^ecoiid, if this lie refii.seil, 
llie eoinpanii-s will ileposil 5.v«i.ixxi eael't 
niiainst Ireiisinv liills. Third. I'hev will tniv 
tliehonds at So if ijoveniineul iiiidermke lo 
bny llictii back a,i.niiii nl same price in ease 
nliy of lite coinpiinies llieir business 
-. I here. Messrs. Knticiiiian. Cl>f(ltier, I-lilve iitn] 
i Jcdlson liiive beeii iiaiiieit ns a coitltnille-e, 
lliey leave for Mar del Thita, losee llic fin 
uiiiiisler on llie Illaller.— .l/,)///,:-/,,',-,, Ti 
Mnrch 12. 


ti-d th,- 

F.vci-y lime thai lltere 
pitblication rclalive lo ibis 
burden, whieli on Ileei-nili 
Jt2o, 760.097, and lliiil w-,- 
witll our rediiceil populnli, 
iiii-rce, our feeble imluslr, 
lerrilorial iii-,ipcrtv, we eii 
.sniil ,lehl as n veritable 

hoi, Is our pr,-seiil pi-ogress almost paraliseii 
«n,l the fulnre inortK.ij;e,l f,ir mauv years, so 
Ihnl w-e ate nn.iiile lo feel the iiillueuee of 

lliose jireat eco advauees i-njoveil hv 

nlher nations niticli less rich Ihaii oiu-.sehes in 
lite ilatni-al eleiiieiits for the ilevelopmcul of 
wot-k ainl of iialional w-,-nltlt. It is well- 
kttow-11 that the liebls ,if .1 iialion do not al- 
ways inipede its prolan, -ss. Inn, .ni tin- i.iiiii.u v. 

fore he 


i result, 
i uliri-0,1 

,1-1,1 dm 

"t I 

,- lh,-i 


have ba,l 1,1 pa 
pow-er by nbikiii; 
eiple iiistrniiieiits 
lime that iiiiinv 
Koveniinenls iilleil 
because our ilebls f, 
sent, 1,11,1 111-1' the e,-, 
scan,lals, a tlnnisaii, 
it is thai we ,1,, 11,, I 
btiill Willi la 

- tor lllei 
the fortii 
.ami slipiio 
■f Ihe iiieii 

loners, .it Uie .sann- 
eillbei-s of the said 
own iiiirkels, ,-\nd 

■iri hislorv'of. ll'iese 
. ,-yp,is,-d. Iherebirc 


ides, nor artificial ports for 11 
■iKiilioii. nor Kooil eluharti 
slock, nor any of 11 


our barreii hill 
le proleetioii of 
i(i wha 


Grande Hotel Internacional 


Rua do Aquedu 

close to tbe doors of th 

Tliis establislunent. the iirs 
elegance, comfort and situatioi 
enjoyiuji; tbe magnifieeiit .<i 

s bv the electric I 
ig Ihe J.arfjo de 
itel, andSilvcStre. 

Excellent restaurant, always ready. 

Numerous shower 

lunerriture bracing 

II the world i.s lie 



Af/f'tf in iiio it'- .hum 

Yonle & Co. 



Total funds on 31st Dec. TS96... ^ i^.^.i.s^.! 

Authorized Capital „ ;„ooo.cioo 

Subscribed Capital 2.7,50,000 

Agents for Rin dc Janeiro: 

PidleHj Schmidt & Co. 

107, Rua da Quitaiida. 

inn baths. Purest a' 
vigorntiuR. No health resort 1 
I'or further information .ipply 

) Mm 


131, Rua do Ouvidor, Rio de Janeir 

To trayBJlBrs 

on Land 

or Sea, 

No trfiveller eho 

uld forget toiiiUe witS 

him a box of oills 

or H bottle 

sr Tniciure 

of Neetandra Ama 

m, whicn rt 

■irht come 

very handy in case 

sor sudden 

nmiseaa or 

any other disarrari 

jement of tr 

e storjiaoh 

for intestines, bo t 

equenl dur 

np travels 

This marvellous r 

sniedy la uc 


by a prospectus in 

tnree lanq 

tumes. viz; 

Portuguese, Enyiisr 



ils use anrjony nati 

'es and foeiyners. For 

sale al all Druygig 

ts and Cner 

lists and a 

the manufaemrer's 

depot. No. 

74, Rua S. 

Pedro, l*t floor, nRio de[Janeiro 

—One of Ihe i,'i-aii,i,-st si,^rlils ei-er witiiessei! 
ill the cattips of Hiieuos .-\ires was thai wbicl- 
occun-ed in the caiiips of Carlnie last Jlonila, 
( llarelt 7 1. The people out lli,-re were iisliiu'. 

for Ihe i 
i of the , 
been fre 

■shell lo see 
e,l tiles, 111 1 

lii.seovereil lo be ! 
followeil bv a laif 

■ black e 

■ about 
ists. I 
ivhile c 


while pi 


lered to 
-Ilk four 

liom-s lo pass. This while cloud was dis 
ed lo be coiiiposeil of millions ami iiiill'ioiis of 
'(gavtotasii fgtilts) in chase after the loeusls 
II was really a glorious si^'llt to llm estau- 
cieros out lltere, ami the wliiti- cloud per- 
haps Ibe Illosl efTeclive eomniissiini for the 
destruelioti of the locusls c\-er forme, 1 in this 
couiili-y. Straii^re tp s.iv, the cloial 
seemed lo move faster lltaii lite 'j^.aviotir 
cloud, bnl ere our friends read this, lite -ea- 
violas' have ealell up the locusts 
The locust cloud was nioviuf, froni the soittli- 
east lo the iiorlh-easl. We iniafriue that the 
'Jl.iviotas' bad their feast somewhere in the 
camps of Sail h\n&.—Dueitos Atn-.'; .SUimiaiif. 
— l-'or a long lime past the economical in. 
teresls of the repiiblic-tbal is lo say, com- 
merce, induslrv ami proilin-tioii, and' very 
especially the llrst two- have snllereil cruelly 
al the hands of politics. The crisis of iSgo.g'i 
was partly proilneed ami wasrertainly unduly 
prolonged by had politics. The same eaiise- 
promoting »-anl of eonliilcllee and a ebroiiitl 
feeling of uneerlainly and iustabililv, brouglit 
abotit ecoiimiiical ,lepressi,iii lii the einl of 'llu- 
Ilcrrcra adiniiiislralioii. There was a slight 
respite and ciiisequelit recovery nl the begin- 
ning of the Honia regime. liiit this ,li,i not 
last long, and soon all the olii svinjitoins re- 
ppeared with .steaililv increasing iiitensitv 

i forms anil facilities reciaimeii bv ilu-'- sliitc ,if 
civilisiilioii. Yet Willi the one half of w-hal 
we owe, we might have done all this ami 
uincli iiio,-e whieh would prndnce in revellue 
tale at 1,-asl enough lo pin- the service 
lebls coiitraeteil, ami we' wonhl have 
e fr,mi llie heavy lases eoiiipelle,! bv 
our presenl unproilueli ve , lebls, remh-iing ir- 
reiiieiii.ible for mauv vi-ars llial ilearness of 
In-liig whieh repels iinittigralioii frmn oiir 
shores. Hut in exehaiige. il is not dim 
find in our cities luMuiifnl mansions 
eent garilelis an,! eonntrv hons, 
snbiirbs, estensive livestock ,.stal, 
Willi luxurious ,lw-elli„gs in Hn- ,-„ 
IJru-.ite pi-operlv, ami repreaeiitim, 
iimile as if by magic. In all 11 
little reflection, it is i-asy to 
part of ,nir debt, whilst other poni'i' 
full,- .... ..,i„,i 1.. 1 . I . 

lilt 10 


. with 

fully guarded in bonds by the greaLspccilalors 
1,1 IKditics give Iheiii a princely income.— 
/''■.l'<-,I/ii .Varilinia, Monlevideo. 

Till! po|iuliition of Japan, exceptiim l-'or- 
niosi. according to a census of Decc.iiber v, 
'^f, was 42.708,25.1, of which 2t,t6i 02t were 
""'•■i^- ,4..17.'i hoblcs, 2,067,997 Ihhnf!,. ami,?,s,'<92 eolmilon people. The number of 
lamihes wim .S,oo4,,S49, 

An ollicial new,spa|ier publisheil in Mailriil 

,: , ,;'''''"; "'/' '■'•'" ""■ >-'"'"" revoliilinn 
from .March, 1895 to December, ,897, l„s cost 
,,"''," "Oi™."™ I>»ril dollars, or in other 
o ,1s about /:44.™„,ooo sterling. No wonder 
llial bpaiii is crying out for money. 



want of confidtince in tbe governnienl, a ,gen. | -such tjital" i,ad 

1 foreign commerce was pheiioin- 

1,1 nearly fimr hundred million 

tars w-orlh more lliaii we 

,-igii i-onntru-s, ami ilm lomi ..f ti,,. i.y.p„r,, 

■mp,„-lsa,noniiledto5,..S4i.„.,.,„,. x„ 

eral feeling of insecurity, Sonseqt'i'emVnewK:;; I aUlnmg ' n i'i,,''a"v '""■" Tl'"^- '"='"''''■ 
eeonotnical de,,re.s,,ion au.l fmSlly llie acut ! nlail . ''' n "w itin',- '/ S i,t;;!'i"« T? 
cn.slsof theeivllwar. The peace of Sepleinlier ' the che-iiienii m ',, 1 1 -' ,!t 1 ■"'"""«' »' 
last and the read onarv policy of .Sr Ciiisl-,. ni,,,ii , ' id - '" Pr'«!llcts ot 

gave a brief resptte which s.iveil 11 e'reimllie h 11 'T' '""'""';'"".'• ''"1 ""ich to make 
the yen- brink of caliiiiiUy, bil;";',^ ll.c v,,",';"'' "'" "'"' '!"" "^ ' '?- '"''' '^" ' 

vllen c 

also was ,l,i,imed to be short-lived ami up lo 
the dissolution of the chambers, three weeks 
ago, economical interests were again the suf 

,. -imi eolTee, bv re-lnciiig the 
■I tile liiip,.rls for the year, was partly 
responsible for the heavy trade balance n ol^V 
favor. -.l/,-,-,/,„„,j- AV;*:,., New York. 

March 22nd, 1898/ 





Tnv. ] 



Cnpitnl /■ 

Cni>itnl piiiil up i< 

uescjrvu fiiinl 

Illi.\NCl! Dl'l-ICM IN KK> 1H-: JANKIKO 

JO, Baa (la A'fandcf/a 

iMws oil llcnd OfFicc niitl the tcUowiiiK l!i!ii 


I'lU.nTAS. I'lHiTO AI.KC'.RK, M(.)NTl-:vni| 

iri'Nus AVKi-:rt, misAiiio vp. SAWt'A i-n. 

Also on : 

. (;///(i. Mill'*, rurrici^: Co.. 

. Schroder cfc Co., J. U. Srhnnli-r ,(■ (V 

jl/cflsr*. Jofi- liirenbenj. Con 

Ham ill" 
^Itr Si Co.. 



Loncioxi E- C- 

CoraitHl £ 1,000,000 

Idem pHicl lip „ OOO.OOO 

Re8er-ve fund ,, 300,000 

31 A, ?.ua 1° de Marco 


ciicifSHt renianibuco, Ctnrd, Mnranliflo niul 

vB Oil its Ht'Ad Office in Londnii : 
\oiiihn Joint fitock Bank, Limited, 

'.!. Jfcine if- Co., 

■.^, /. nrn-nb.rn (h.s-'-Ur t(- Co.. 

and correspoiulctils in Geriii;uiy. 
■«. Aic.'/(<f- Cf'.. 

iip Inlfi.Ocian, I'ebruary 8. 

I.i;ttkr fk(jm Dr, Cook. 

Xnv. 14. — I have now 




KtlMiihnt in ll.imbiirii ..« Irjh Drrmlirr. 
ISSr 1,11 llir . niirrli:,,, ,l,r J)i,r„i,l., C-uUitluifl . 
ill llrrlin and the « Sfnid, ttt»,-lit: Ihink in 
btir'j," IhunhnriJ. 


rhi Bank ,1/ Xnr 1'. 


!■(■. A'. /;. 

(li'iils it] ITA 


QUE FltANrAlSl-: 1)1' HKKSn. 


10,000,000 Marks. 


^ '"'■*■""'■' i 
Branch-offlues In Sao Paulo find Sanios j 

JJr<nr.^on: j 

I Direction dcr Dismiilo l 

I c.tstill.scUtil'i, ikTiiii J 

Q } Nordeiit.'iche Hunk ill i tiiuleurrcs- 

■' 'I muiilmrn, linuihurs f lnJiiilcm;., 

I .M- A. von Rolhstliilil I 

!, Solnii;, I'miikfurla M ,1 

( N, M. Rollisfliiltl ft Sluii, lAnul.Mi 
I Miirictii-sliT iuiil l.ivtTihiul 

Ittslriul IhiiikiiiK Cuiii|iiiiiv l,imiii;.l, 
England -j I.oi.doii. 

I'liioii Itiink of London, [.imitcil, 
I Lumion. 
l Win. Uniiidt's Sons » Co., I.Qnrton. 

f CiPdit T.yoiinnis. I'nrisniiri brnelies. 

1 Heine S C..„ I'tiris. 
France ' C..iii,.l<.i|- SniUmui & Kvo.mi.le .U- 

*^""" 1 Him. l-,.ris. 

l.ii/,«ril l--tOiL-^,t Ci... l'nri>-. 

[ l)f NL-iiliiif A Co.. I'ari.s. 

_ , I liniico I.istioa & Aeorc-' iiiul L'orrts- 

''"""e"! ; poiidenw. 

iiiui niiy other countries. 

Opens uctonnts cnrrcnl, 

I'ny.'i interest oii dfixisils for n ceriiiiii time. 

I'^i'ciites ordtrs for piircliRSOS .mil sjilts ol slocks, 
shares, clc, and transacis every de.scriptioii of baiik- 
n^; liusiue^s, 



BANK, Limited. 

Dirnr u\'o. ^.^J.' a/ J'uf Jamuiry, iSgj. 

9, RUE LAFFITTE, Paris. 

Office in Rio de Janeiro: 78, Raa 

Brancljcs al S, Faulo and Saijloe. 

f iffad Officf .■ No. g. riic Liiffitte. 
Cuiiiptoir NndonBl d'Escoinpteile I'n- 

ris, and hrauches in Fmnce. 
J SocifJtf rU'iif rule pour fnvoriser le (\i- 
1 velopptnient dii commerce et de 

!'iiidii--triv cii Frimce, and branch 


boc'ii on ib.e Beli^ica nearly a month 
and 111)' adiniraiion for her becomes 
stronger :is we advance toward the 
soutlierii ice. Her history, her fittings, 
her ctjuipmeiit, and her omen all ser\'e 
to eiiliaiice this affection, and every day 
I find in our good .ship new point,s of 
interest. She has been dressed and re- 
dressed so nuich on tliis voyage down 
the Atlniilic that the original owners 
would iiuw hardly recognize her. She 
has l)erii .scraped and poli.slied and 
painted lukI rearranged inside and out 
until sh'j looks quite like a pleasure 
craft. Her new name, steani yacht 
Beliiitii, now fits her; her aspect and 
atmosphere as a greasy, sooty sealer 
have \'aiiislied. The almost inseparable 
distinction of a .scaling craft — the per- 
sistent fishy odor— is gone. The more 
we drive her over this lonely sea, the 
more we fix and comb and dress her, 
the stronger we feel her quivering ani- 
mation. She already has a [ilace in our 
affections as definitely as a j>et horse. 

As she takes us farther and farther 

away frotii our homes, we become daily 

more depeiulent ; as she (bitches and 

tosses in the unruly seas and rides out 

the forbidding storms we feel we shall 

love !ier b^-ttcr. 

We iiui\' have become sentimental 

about our little pel. but much depends 

on her. On the ability of tiie /iili^ica 

to plow through the virgin antarctic ice 

depeiuls our success in exploring new 

lands, (tn her hospitality depends our 

comfort, and on her slabihty depends 

not only the success or failure of the 

entire expedition, but our future exist- 
ence. Our lives depend on her life ; if j 

she \> huncd in the antarctic we cannot I ,, -■ , .^ , 

hope tu survive. It has not fallen to I '^'^ ^^e well prepared for its muvelcom. 

our lot to witness the birth of the Ihii^iai. \ caresses. 

Otherwise the shape is similar to that of 
a well-built modern sailing vessel. The 
planking inside and outside of the pon- 
derous framework is of extraordinary 
strength, and over all is a special ice 
sheeting of very hard wood. 

The bow and stern are protected by 
four-inch planks of greenheart, a trop- 
ical wood possessing the remarkable 
quality of being both hard and elastic 
Experience has taught that this wood 
affords the best protection against ice 
destruction, Araidship the wear is less, 
and here thick oak plank seems to 
aiford the needed security, while it is 
much lighter and cheaper. The stern 
is fifteen feet thick, and the breast wall 
about twelve feet in an tro- posterior 
diameter. Outside of this there is a 
protective sheathing of soft Swedish 
iron to receive the first cutting edges of 
the ice. The rudder is large enough to 
stand the ice crushing, should the vessel 
go stern first into the pack, and its 
helmport is large enough to make it 
possible to dislodge obstructive ice 
The propeller, too, has its special points 
of interest. It can be raised out of the 
water as occasion may require to free it 
from destructive ice masses or to re- 
place it with a new one should it he 
broken, and also to permit freer saiHng. 
Ami then there is the crow's nest, a 
huge barrel raised to the top of the 
niaiuniast to enable the look out to view 
a greater horizon. We shall often ex- 
pect to hear, as I have in the arctic, 
startliiig news from the man in the 
sky-barrel. He will probably announce 
the first sight of some new lands, and 
often send down the signal of our 
approach to some big animal— have us 
all on deck armed with rifles, only to 
find a piece of discolored ice or snow as 
a target. If by chance the southern 
floes sliould hug us too affectionately 


1 Vri 

■s & Cie, 

1 Hank of London, Limited, 
nil loitil Stock Hank, Limited. 
* Hank. Limited, 
d llr.pthers \: Co. 
nrv Schracder & Co. 
■ vvurt Sons .\: Co. 

]■ Deutsche ilnnk, Berlin, amlcorre 
Dre>^dner llaiik. Dresden, ando 

tL. Hehrt 

LONLON: Primes Street, E. c. 
PARIS: 16, Rue Halevy. 

Rio de Janeiro : 

No. 20, Rua dii Alfandega. 

AuDiortMfii by Dicrtt Ne. 591, 0f\^t^ O^tobir, 1891, 

Subscribed capital £ 1,^00,000 

Realized do , 900,000 

Reserve fund ,, 1,000,000 


Pirit, 16, rai Haltiy, Psmaicbuco, Pari, BaiQot 
4ins, MoDUvidto, Rosiria.MBndozaatnlPajsaiidi 

DHA W3 ON ;- 
London and Coumy BinkinR Co.. L'd. -LON DON, 
Banque de Pans ei de* Cays Bas.-I'ARLS. 
Bance de Portugal anil agencies. — KORl'UOAL. 
And on all the chict cilm vf Luiopc. 

Also on: 
Brawn Brolhen k Co.-NEW YORK. 
tim NatioEul htak a( Chk:agi>.-CH1CA0U. 

■r Disconlo Oe.iellschaft. 
le Kaiik in Hnmburu;. 
leliriider i& Co. HHmhnrg. 
rich Doniier, Uauiburg. 
Si Soils, Hamburg. 

The Hank ha.s Cof respondents in the Vnited Stales 
F America, nil European cities, and is prepared to 
ansact business of every description. 
Opcii.s accountscurrent. 
I'ays interest on dcposii.i under the followint; con- 

Withovit notice. 

Directors .Ul inUrhii 

Jchn Fcl, 
Albert Cabaret. 

Nectandra Amara Pills, 

These woiiderfi-il piUa, so usefol and 
benericial in aU Hfleotiona of tho stunouc-h 
Hnd iiiieaiiiies. tire obuitnable tn hU places 
where a post-orTice exists: ihe m«nur«ciu- 

rer vfill fori.vHrd by reyiatered mail and 
lu any given address, if acconipHnied by 
money : I box Tor iJSaOO. ', dozen boxes for 
leSbOOaiid One doieii boxoa for ^OSOOO. 

RANDA, No 74. HUR do 5. Podro, iat Hoor 
Rio de Janeiro. 

She was built at Svelvig, Xorw 
18S4. Her first name was I'alria. and 
under the Norwegian flag she made ten 
sealing voyages of four months each to 
tlie arctic ice north and west of Norway. 
This then was the nursery of the ster- 
ling ([ualities for which she was .selected 
to carry this expedition. With an At 
certificate from « Det Xorske Veritas" 
she was rechristened lM-(^'iai, placed 
under the Belgian flag, and under that 
of the Antwerp yacht club. 

To see the Biin'ifa and appreciate her 
gilded value, she should be observed in 
the ]Mlar ice— her natural home. In a 
cosmojwlitan harbor like Antwerp or 
Kio de Janeiro, among the larger and 
more fleet ironclads she seems like a 
>niall bulldog amid a group of large 
greyhounds— small, awkward, and un- 
graceful. In color the Iklgira is gray, 
with natural wood tnmmings. She is 
bark rigged, and has intent single top- 
sails, with a body i lo feet long, 
twenty-six feet wide, with a draught of 
fifteen feet. In a good wind, without 
steam, she is able to sail ten knots. An 
auxiliary steam jwwer is placed well aft, 
that the bow may rise to crush the ice. 
The boiler is new, and the engine has 
an effective horse i>owei: of 150. Burn- 
ing three and a half tons of coal in 
Uclgian bricks l bricijuettes). and with 
Miimith water, the Ih-lgica will make 
seven knots an hour. But we shall 
only use her half speed, for with two 
tons of coal .she will make about five 
knots, a speed quite snfHcient amid ice- 
l>ergs, drifting floes, pack ice, and 
iniknovvn rocks. 

There are many points of special in- 
terest in the construction of a modern 
steam sealer like the IJtli^iai. But to 
describe all these would lead us into 
too many nautical details. A general 
outline of the construction of the ship, 
however, should be given. In selecting 
the framework of the Belffica timbers 
were obtained of double the ordinary 
size and strength of!s of the same 
measurement. Tlie stern was inclined, 
making the bow of an inclination simi- 
lar to that of a sledge runner, wliich 
enables the vessel to onto the sur- 
face of the ice and crush it rather by 
its own weight than by the motive 
force, as did the older ice vessels. 

Our little ship will stand a 
good deal of hard squeezing. She is 
constructed to fight not only with her 
engine and her armored breast, but in 
her bowels we have stored something 
like 2,000 tons of touite, a Belgian ex- 
plosive, said to be superior to d\'namite 
for ice destruction. With this tonite 
we hope to blast and shatter and find 
freedom for our Ih:!g-ica if embraced by 
the ice. 

Although we do not expect to hunt 
seals or whales or anything else for 
conunercial purposes, the expedition is 
well prepared to take all kinds of life 
for scientific study. We have harpoon 
guns to capture whales and sea eleph- 
ants ; we have rifles, shotguns, pistols, 
knives,' and ammunition to do justice 
to a pirate ship. Several thousand 
pounds of alcohol and a large quantity 
of chemicals to preserve animal speci- 
mens. There are also cotton for stuffing 
birds, apparatus fur blowing eggs and 
cameras of all varieties for photographing 
the strange antarctic life with its im- 
mediate surroundings. The devices for 
scientific fishing are as complete as the 
limited finances would permit. We 
will be able to fish on the surface, in 
the middle stratas. and on the bottom of 
the deep sea. We can even scrape the 
bed of the ocean with huge dredges for 
low forms of life ; can drop thermome- 
ters down to register the degrees of 
heat of their invisible homes. The 
trawls and dredges are made after the 
last American Sigsbee system, as im- 
proved by Professor Agassiz- There 
are four huge frames, fifteen nets, and 
3,000 fathoms of galvanized steel rope, 
with a tensile strength of five tons to 
haul the catch by steam. And then 
there is the tangle bar and much other 
fishing apparatus, all of which would 
make an old-time fisherman stare with, 
envy. Scientific fishing will be an ini- 
porta,nt and interesting part of our 
work. In short the equipment is such 
that not only the life of the air and the 
land will be possible, but a systematic 
study of the marine life inhabiting tlie 
unmeasured depths of the Southern 
ocean will be possible. 

The new science of oceanography, or, 
as Lieutenant Maury, its father, called 
it, the "geography of the sea,« has been 
constantly in mind in the organization 



[March 22nd, ]8<)8. 

and equipment of the Dclgica. The 
outfit for fishing partly belongs to this 
department, unique in devices for 
sounding the ocean in all depths, with 
pianoforte wire and steel rope as a line, 
and sinkers which detach autoniaticalh-, 
and a complicated system of special 
steam machinery is now adjusted read)- 
for use. We expect to study the sub- 
marine currents, temperature, and the 
composition of the waters. For all of 
this we have special apparatus. Per- 
haps not interesting' to the average 
reader is a description, but the results 
are sure to add new and startling chap- 
ters to the growing annals of ocean 

The laboratory is in a small, specially 
coustiucted deckhouse behind the fore- 
mast. Its dimensions are small, perhaps 
fifteen feet long and twelve feet wide, 
but its capacity for storing apparatus 
and its convenience for work are phe- 
nomenal. It is intended as the center 
for all scientific work, a sort of union 
den for the working staff, as the motto, 
painted in large lettersover the window, 
itL'Union Fait I'Force, » indicates. It 
will, however, be principally used for 
meteorologic, oceanographic, and zoo- 
logical investigations. 

A very complete library is on board— 
a library, like the men, of \-arious 
tougues and descriptive of a great 
variety of subjects- Each department 
has itstechnical bibliography. The com- 
mandant and the writer have a general 
collection of all the antarctic narratives in 
all tongues. The captain has a heap of 
charts and books on navigation. Lien- 
tenant Dance has everything pertaining 
to terrestrial magnetism. The general 
scientific library is, indeed, a cosmo- 
politan collection. It contains books in 
French, English, German. Polish, Nor- 
wegian, and Roumanian print. 

The quarters for officers and men are 
fairly good— palatial, as comfort is 
measured on a sealer . The couunandant 
has a neat little room behind the mi?,- 
zenmast and opposite the kitchen. It 
is carpeted, nicely furnished, and the 
walls are artistically bedecked by old 
Dutch sketches, some paintings, and 
many photos of polar .scenes. We are 
so pressed for space that we are told 
that even this room will be partly filled 
with coal at Punta Arenas. 

A door through the lift of the cabin 
opens iuto an aisle, at the side of which 
are the four berths where the denizens 
of science sleep. The sides are thought- 
fully lined with lockers, but every nook, 
the beds, the ceiHng, and, at times, 
even the floor, are covered with cloth- 
ing, instruments, and books- After a 
storm it is a joyous rivalry of hopeless 
entanglement. The forecastle occupies 
the space between decks, from the fore- 
mast to the stern. It is large, light, 
and, as compared to the officers' quar- 
ters, it is extremely comfortable. We 
speak French hi the cabin, German in 
the laboratory, and a mixture of Eng- 
lish, Norwegian, French, and German 
in the forecastle. The hfeon board the 
Bdgica is that of a well-regulated family. 
Each man has his duty to perform, but 
he will also be expected to lend a 
brotherly hand to his companions as 
occasion may require. On clear even- 
ings the music box is often brought on 
deck, and as the familiar tunes bound 
out into the strangely clear atmosphere, 
some sing, others dance ; some walk 
about, still others play games. The 
scene is truly melancholy upon re- 
flection. We are going farther and 
farther away from home to the most 
desolate and forbidding part of the 
known or the unknown world. Our 
return is uncertain, our future is dark ; 
but we have set out with this knowledge 
before us, and now it is our duty to aid 
in keeping up the general family cheer- Whatever else may be our 
future, success or failure, our domestic 
comforts are assured. When we as- 
semble on deck after dinner, with the 
music in our midst, to draw out a 
general feeling of well-being, a generous 
and unanimous air of joy rises with the 
ascending dew of the setting sun, 

Frederick A. Cook, M.D. 

l-'rom Tlu- IhibUn Kr.-u-n>. Jiuuiarv, iS.jS, 

By Mus. Marion Mui^hai,!,. 

There are few things more interest- 
ing in history than to trace the footsteps 
of the discoverers of unknown lands, 
and o[ie cannot help envj'ing tlie ignor- 
ance of our ancestors concerning distant 
parts of the world, which left them free 
to people the bleakest and most inlius- 
pitable wilderness with the cruations nf 
a fervid imagination. 

A considerable nnnd:)cr of years lia\-c 
elapsed since the attention of the world 
was first directed to tlie discovery of 
America by the Dublin Norseman 500 
years before CoUunbus, whose fame is 
iield .so sacred by the imlk of mankind 
that it requires not a little courage even 
in the slightest degree to seem to de- 
tract from the merits of his great re- 
discovery. Bancroft in his history of 
the United States says I'tliat, although 
there may be some truth in the report 
mentioned by an historian of Iceland, 
of a vessel driven from Greenland to 
the shores of Labrador, yet this fact no 
way diminishes the claim of CoUunbus 
to that discovery which had been the 
constant object of his thoughts, and ihe 
hope of which gave him that patient 
endurance of the many disappointments 
which so impeded tlie execution of his 

The first name giA'en definitely by 
the K Landiianiabok,!' p. 132 (which may 
be called the Doom.sday-book of Ice- 
land), as having visited the New World, 
is Ari-Marsou, the great-grandson of 
O'CarroU, King of Dublin, who was 
wrecked on the coast of Florida in 9S_^, 
which he called Great Ireland or 
Whitemen's Land, Ari-Marsou is 
mentioned in the " Kristni Saga,)) chaj). 
I, p. 6, among the principal chiefs in 
Iceland in the year 98 1 , at which time 
Bishop F'redriek and Thowald Kodraii- 
son came there to preach Christianity, 
and, according to Rafn, Ari was l)ap- 
tized a Christian in 983. The ilhistrious 
Icelandic sage and historian, Ari Frode, 
states that his uncle Tliorkcll Gcller- 
son had been informed by Icelanders 
that Ari-Marson, on landing on Great 
Ireland or Whitemen's Land, had been 
recognised and could not get away, but 
was there held in great respect. This 
statement, therefore, shows that in 
those times tliere was occasional inter- , 
course between the New World and 
Europe, princijially Ireland. Although 
Ari-Marson is the first name given by 
the (( Landnamabok » as having dis- 
covered America, yet another Irish 
Dane, descendant of King Anlaf of 
Dublin, fled from Iceland in 908 to 
escape the rage of an infuriated husband 
and brother. This was Biorn Asbrand, 
(( the hero of Breid^■iking » [« Muller's 
Bibliotliek," \o\. i. p. 19,1^ a brave 
who, like Samson of old, fell into the 
meshes of another Delilah, Thurida, 
wife of Thorodd, a Dublin merchant 
settled in Iceland ; rumor asserted that 
he was the father of her son Kiartan. 
It wassuppo.sed that Biorn had perished 
at sea, but it is more than probable that 
it was he and his companions who 
recognised in Ari-Marsou a great Ice- 
landic chieftain, and it may have been 
Biorn also, not Ari, who first gave the 
name Great Ireland to the New World. 
Be this as it niay, a few years after, 
according to the « Eyrhyggia Saga," 
Gudlief, another Dtddin mcrcliant, was 
driven by contrary winds to an unknown 
land, and on going on shore found 
himself in the midst of a people who 
threatened him in what .seemed to Gud- 
lief the Irish language. At last he saw 
a grand-looking old man with flowing 
white beard approaching, surrounded 
by Norsemen (i- Eyrbyggia Saga,"' chap. 
Ixiv, p. 328) : he addressed Gudlief in 
Norse and told him that he was Biorn, 
who had been driven from Iceland, and 
that he did not wish to return to that 
country ; all he desired was that he 
should be left \\\ peace. However, on 
Gudlief's departure, liiorn gave him a 
gold ring for Thurida and a sword for 
her son Kiartan. Gudlief sailed for 
Dublin, and afterwards delivered Biorii's 

presents and message to Thurida in 

Although M. Rafn was the first his- 
torian in modern times who collected 
and published under the title, nAuti- 
quitates America: CoUunbiantm » (Co- 
penhagen, 1837), all the documents 
treating of the early voyages of the 
Northmen, yet as early as i57oOrtclius 
claimed for them the merit of being the 
first discoverers of the New World from 
the Euro]iean continent. Tofccus, in 
his " Hisloria \'inhuitli£e Antitpue,)' 
])ublisbed in 1705, and in his "Cron- 
landia Antiqua," which ajipearod the 
following year, Suhn, vSchonig, Lende- 
borg and Schroder, all gave information 
on this subject. The Ihiglish writers, 
including John Reinhold Fo.sler in his 
" History of Voyages and Discoveries 
by the Northmen," but without entering 
into details, and we are indebted to the 
hidefatigable labors of M. Rafn, as- 
si.sted by Finn Magnussen and other 
eminent scholars, for the transcription 
of the old manuscripts of the Sagas 
relating the story. 


1!ARLI-:S MUI-: 

gJvawcUcKs' ftvtctoKH. 

Conimi,ssiun Merchant and Shii) Acent 
Bvj» Ffhsph No. 3 & 1 
p. O, Bon 391, niO DE JANEIRO, 


N. 7'. LOXiiSTRETU. 

roriisiv' u'liriiii-iclfi'irlv. ^iirl is Iiiindv for diHin't; 
li;UL-is;uiil;u-<.vniiil,-;, filiiiKilucimient,-*, markiiiK "cdcrs, 
dfliverv m>lc^;iHul iir!.-k;ii;us-iii facl, il U iisfful tot 
aiiytiiii'i^ leiiiiiriiiK a iliUc. 


i Irnve llic Cciilr 

CL-nli-iil Knilwny (S.lp P.-uiK-- (■■ipvossl U. Cnii 
lienuu bv Minns nnd Ku. Railway l.> (Ifsliiialmn, 
jHiz deFova. Barbacena. Ouro Pr.n.n, i 

Tlollg tlu 


'i',"n u 



iil; Ltu.- 

oinl Id Ki 



Bello Hoi 

soiitfl : 




i\ 11 



Nova Fvibur^o : 
lliirca k'avc'sllK' ITai;;! (Ins Mnnnlins ; 

Corcoviuio ; 

■,'k ilrivs, \v■^^-> 
1 s.'Uid li :i.iii.;li 

'".'I'u' Sliu>l:i>'- '-A 

MOtlirint jPiirrltni} 

I," lie- M;ii>,>- !-l"r, !■: 
inCTlSH CMN^ri, \ I 

n. ciiN-(. 

tetiiiirl) pivrrtiuii 

Situated in one of the liL-nhliiest .lud most nttrnctive 
localities of this city, at n consiiiernhlc elevation 
iihove llie sea, mid well wiiliin it.s .nvu uruuiids. 

The grounds are tastetiiUy laid ..ut with ivalks and 
shrubbery, making it a mn-'^t. ili.'-initik- ])liice fur 

Tile Uiisiiilal m jiruvidt-d ivilh an 

Isolated Fever "Ward, 
entirely separated from the iuaiii I'liildin);. Patients 

way with fever cases. 

The Hospital i.s specially recminiciidftl for surgina! 
casts, because of its coalntss and cleanliness, and 
especially because of iW stnffof trained nnrses. C.reat 
suecfss has thus fur attended every operation in this 

The Hospital was bnilt and is supported by sabscrip- 
tifin, but is open to iioii-Bnlwcriliing patients of nil 
iiationalilifs. Tlic terms for iion-siihscribers arc : 

General ward.... 15$000 a day 
Private room 30$000 

which includes nitdicnl an* iin: -i^ alU'inLiiK't, food 
and ordinary medicines. 

Snrnical operations, special reniedits, ivioes, and 
ontside medical attendance extra. 

Nnrses supplied for outside cases during the cool 

CHCRCEI ni." !':NC.I..\X1) ■ InUl inilber ii.itu'.. 

ChnrL-)i will bcclii-i..l U.\ rcpait.v 'I'lu- ^civut.s wi 

1m- lifM <v..|v Snnil.iv ii'-^Tpl oa Itie ist Saad.iv 

llie ai.>iilli al livrlve o\-l,K-k, in Die Milh.nh 

l.:pi>c>ip:n L-liiitcli (kitiiUv lenll I.arm> do raU..i^ni- ami M.irna^L.- at tiiiu-s i.i be iuiiiii^' 

with thceliiiplain. 

IKVIN!-: CKAWSll/VW, M,.\., Urillsb, 

6i Kuado,\ipiedncl.i. 

ir.Kb:j.-\ b:\'A.N-c.i'\ i--i.rMiM.;xs].: un.i 

de S Joa<|uini, No. 17.1 ■ Pimu-. m'm ut m I'-il 

\Vor--.hi].at n, Hil.licaM.i" 1.. -iiidv Hi,. 11.. 

b'', p,in. on We(hie>davh. lliblicai >ludv:uul i>re,i. 

Ml-:TnoniST l-;i'lSCiip,\l, CIU'KCII -[.aiyn • 

Cattete. /.-u'.'"'' ■■^ '_•-,.,- -.,1 i:;L.m Siind,iys l'i.i\ 

"!","!','^.,, '1, '-1 ,,, '.',,,.1 ■;'.,,„ '.!,ln.i•l^■^ - V 1 

Wcliifsdiivs. 1.:, I' Siin.lav S>h. 

11 a.m. at i-atnica Can.'ca, Suinlav.-, 11 a 111 ai 

■ipi". Rev, I'K.v.vK wii-;uKi;nb:Ki-;k. 

I'UKSliVTKklAN eiUKCll -No n, Travrssi . 

narreira. Services 111 ruilunUi-M; --V..I.V Miad.iy 

A!,V.\Kt> 1-: Dos Kl'llS. ra-toi 

Resilience ■ Rna I'elrnpoli,'.. ;.■ 

li.M'TTST CilfKCll --N.). r-.. Rim .\..- ^.^xW .\nii 

Scrvlffsm I'niliiKn'.s^. fvi.;v Snudav M u ,t.ui. ,.: 

7,, and t.vuTv Wfdin.-d.w ai 7 p m. 

W. 11. II.VC.IIV. IM..\or 

Caixa ,1,^.-. 


No. .M.1, kua n. Anna N<..rv. IM.i^'lId do Ki.ulm. 

7 l>.m. I'RA.NKI.IN H NASriMKNTtl. IM-l' 

piofrooiottiil pUrrlai'ii 

Dr. Wililnm Preoe-itk Eisenlolir, Cerri.iu I'ln 
sician. t>frice: 7S, Rna C.cnerul Camara, Ci.uMdiinj; 

EngliBhrneo and Americans ivishioK la Iciirn I'oilii 
Kuese shiaild apjily to Vkw. 1.. MAKcil,.\\r. \<ua 
do Onvidor, No. y^. 

Dr. Haveburi;, Physician and acconclieur. 
Residence ; Jw, Knn !>■ de Maryo, Cutisuitiuw lu'i"^ 
trom 12 luj p. 111. 

Dr. BrissKy, SiirKcon, prndnate of the t-"aailtv 'if 
I'aris. Specialist in ilisenses of f.-maU-s, iiriiiarv 
pas.snKes, Rnsliciil cnre of hernias, hemorrhoid-, 
tumors. svirsiealdi,seases of the bones, and snryical 
operations. Consultations from i to i p tn. Run da 
(jiiitaiida, No. ,|j. 

provided w 

ire admitted at aav ti 
ithan "order for arim 

. but 

dumUl \ 

Kor further information apply to the rhvsician-in- 
charge 1>r, Raymv.vho Banheir.v, No. 7,1, Kua 1" de 
Marfo ([ to 3p, m.l ot tothe Treasurer. No. .so, Rua 
lOde Marv'o. or to the Secretary. No,;.;. Kua Scte de 
Setcmbro, 1st floor. 


AMERICAN lUiil.l-: Sncn'TVS~TiTl-NCV - N.' ■' 
kuad' Ajuda.-li. C, TfCKKU, A«enl. 

imiTisn ,>lN[i i>iri.:ii;n pn,] i- ■iocii-' !>■ -^ 

A<;kNCV, - kii.i Svif ,1,. Sfieuilnu. No, "i - no -dr, 

JOAO M. f,. DOS SANTOS, An<'iil- 
IIRITISH srilSCKll'TllIN LlltRAK^" AND V.V..\U- 
INO ROO.M. .ti. Rua ('.oiigaivcs Ilias _opt-ii It. an 
iii.on toh p.m. -l.-or lentis. apply i,, l.jl.rariaii, 
KID SMAMl-IN'S MISSION, -AV.'Iu«,r AV.jii/.ic A'.* "i. 
U'. Rua iSa laipcratri?. ;r(l llo^r : \v 1 i.rMiiV. 
Missioucr. mttftot biiuk.s laaaa/ines iviner- etc 
also of left-ofTclotbiiiK, will be Kratefullv received 
lit the MiMion, or ut No. 2-. Caiuklaria. ' 
No. 31, Rua da Oiiitanda, ind floor, Rixjms »pen 
from 6:30 to 10 o'clock p.m, Sccrctarv'sofFice hours ; 
from iiooii to i o'clock p m. Nieolau' A, Rodnnnes 
President ; Thomas I,, da Costa, General Secretary ; 
Y. A. W. Sloan, Hon. Treasurer. 


March 22ncl, 1898.1 



The Queen's Seedsmen, Reading, England, 

Grass, and Clover Seeds. 

Coiuplele Collections of \'e,t;L'l:ihl(j aiul Flower Seeds, specially arrani^ed for 
Brazil in fill boxes hcnnetically seiileil. 

Cat.alo,i^ues and all infoiinalioii will lie readily sup]ilir(l liy the .'Vgeiits, 


Rio de Janeiro. 

Tin; UR.Aziij 
PAXV, 1, 




of GarJiff anJ LonJoi) 
Colliery Proprietors. 

1 r).■Il..l^u^rallhe priiicipnl p'.rts of tlif worhi 
irisi.iiii .1(1.1 lri.sli,stipplv of Cury's Mi-rlliyr SLe;itii 

Tugboats always 
Engineering Wo 

ady for service. 



DuNiop Tyres 

ificio (la Biba, Saias 26 and 21 

Kirr-uice: Rua Gi'n. Camitrt,. 



P. n. Un 











' nniiliK- 

■■■■t illl.i 

,M,iui- T,:ir,- 
l.iUi- I.^ffil 


nm-irii, i.r. 
L- drink. 

fiv.: iiifiisii^ii- 

iiul u 

V Com 
tic 11 m 

Jactonj ; 

DO uum 

bicycle litiiv 
ail defcclivc 
JO stiilHriKS 


i5o, to i65, Cltrkcn 


'■All About DunlD[i T/rt 



./, ir. si-iU'M/ni! 




THOMAS PRltJE, S0I..1 Asi« 




iiu-..f !. ti.>r-ic.5v.wcr ami of (^.-linrse p.v 
h ii^t-i|, ,;niil U'Ui uf lliL' Kottinir syslfiti, win 



L-.t l)<:oi 

IM- J.\Ni:iKn. 
and Stolch Goods, 

Companliia Geral de Servinos Maritlmos : 

y-.-l, /.T.l Vl^fliSUE III-: ITAH'iHAIIV. ■■'-.I. ! 

M-cu/oro.f »-(.. S. ^IndctMV.t .V C'li. 

Missing Frien 


1 11 Ion 

iiili.niwauU'd at llie liritis) 



ral. No. 

J,!Cnninra. a.slQ 

tiip r< 



A.s, J(ilin~of Dtitiktlil, iVr 


. Scotlaii 

who If I 

t for Kio nbout l■^i^Sn^ isinj. 


irs lo liav 

l)ee[i til 

p!.iyL-(l imone ol tlif rnilwin 


K, JoiiN— iilCiivciUrv, HiikI 


Ic kit R 

for Sail 

u^aiulsao IMiiloi,, l-cl>riiar 

Rio (It 

JaiR-iro, Decfmbfi- ami. 

LEY & (iO. 



ai?ttt>aier,'i liiat 1 
sigiitiitnl of Ihi- 
hateiui i.l'Arlac,i 
-ty for bottltufi. 



Iiitcndiiit! I!i<\ 

We h;ive tile best f<|uii>] 

by hiikiiiK sukI "■'t^ puncture! 

We iilso airry a full line 

Seveml jfood fheap bicy 


Give «s : 

■ch- pur 


.S ft7J(/ "0J(/ vStiljitT.s" (Hfc 

P(K'A'/-:r (7/.IA\US. 

I'^-ery one kui'ws liow l:iri;c ;i [xirl 
duirnis of M kiiuis play iii iM>]uilar 
sii]K'rstition. Lcaws and roots of 
plants, mils and rniits of various kinds, 
li-iiic'S of aiuniaK, shreds of clothing-,'. 
>tnin^'-L' pieces of do,L,',i^erel- -t)l'tt.-ii of a 
rL-!i,t;-ious ea,^t - and many other wdnder- 
iiil thinj^s, both homely and siran,L;e. 
liave botju used in one way or another, 
either as protections fioiu evil, or as 
ivniedies for disease, 'I'hey have been 
wnni as amulets, carried a^ talismans, 
placed in little ba;.;-. and \\\y,-\\ round the 
neck or round the \vai.-.t. and h.ive !)een 
c'lerished with a-, much aiixinus care as 
;i West African ne;.^ni could bt>lo\\ 
upnn his fetish. 

The belief in charms is supposed U> 
he nearly extinct in these days of ilUini- 
inatiou ; but those who think thus 
would probably be surprised if they 
were told how many and v.irious are 
the charms which aic still wurn or 
carried about tlie person, and nnt alnni,> 
bv the uneducated portion of societw 
U is not at all an uncMininon thin^', tor 
iusiauee. for ji^nive and sober citizens. 
.is fur ii^!iorant rustics, to carry a potato 
in the ]j<"x:ket as a jiresercalix-e from 
ihcnmatisni. No one seems to know 
exactly how the charm works, or why 
the potato shotiUl have been selcclei,! as 
the irresisti!)le foe of rheumatism ; l)ut 
ihe fact remain^i that it is carrietl about 
I daily in no small num!>er of pockets. 
■ I'aith is no doubt of i^reat assistance. 

sir," was the reply, « but 1 haven't had 

much of it lately," 

Other sufferers from this must trou- 

bles-.mie and painfid coinjilaint have 

declared without hesilation that since 
he.- have taken to carrying;- a jiotato in 

their pockets their pains have either 
vanished, or, at least, have been much 
relieved. After a potato has been 
carried abdut in the pocket for a few 
m mths, it dries up and shrinks to quite 
a small si/e. and becomes as hard as a 
s one. Tile Ijclief in the beneficial 
effect which the humble vegetable has 
upon rheumatic pains is very wide- 
spread. Kven the water in which pota- 
toes ha\'e been boiled has been warmly 
rccammended for application, as hot as 
can be borne, to the part affected ; and 
suiTerers have heen told that one apjili- 
cation of this very simple reniedv has 
bjen known to cure the most obstinate 
rheumatic pains. 

i Other thin:j;s besides potatoes have 
been used as pocket charms for rheu- 

; niatisnr An ohl Sussex lady once 
advised a victim to find an elder slick 
with three, five, or seven knots upon it, 

. and then H) carry it in the ]>ocket. 

■ Horse-chestnnt.s are similarly used in 

■ some parts. Not louR ai;;o a New York 

■ paper mentioned that at a gathering of 
,-unie twenty lawyers, ministers, and 
iither prnfL-ssiiinal men, the talk turned 

■ ujion this belief in the efTect of the 
liDrseehestnut on rheinnatism, and no 

■ less linn thirteen out nf the twenty 

I 11 1 In liad chestnuts 
1 I k () e or two other 

t! II 11 ])icces of alum, 

II 1 1 ll lit forefoot of a 

1 I ] t untain-ash, have 

1 111 the pocket as 

1 matism. ( )ther 

complaints ha\-e their own ixicket 
cliarms. Both toothaeiic and ai;'ue may 
be pre\'ented or cured by carryiiio; in 
viMir pocket a paw cut off from a live 
mole. A mole catcheronce told a friend 
of the late ilr. William Heuderson. the 
well-known author of « My Life as an 
An;.;icr." that he had often been asked 
■■ fur nioL-s' ]K\ws for tins pnrpo.-^e. 
Sn|>erstition recks little of cruelty. 
Less cruel was the method once sng- 
i^ested in one of the Southern cotmties. 
A coachman's daughter, a victim of 
aj^ue, was strongly advised to cure her- 
self by puttini,'' a caterpillar into a box, 
and carrying- it in her jxjckel. She was 
assured that as ilie caterpillar wasted 
awav, so her a^ne iUs would 
A double ha/el-nut has also been 
carried as a pocket charm against tooth- 
ache. Cramp, whicli, like ague and 
rlieinnatism, is a common rural com- 
plaint, nun' be j^uarded against by 
carrying in }'onr pocket the small bone 
of a slieep's i ir lamb's leg. Some 
daring victims have sidistituled the 
human « patella " for the sheep's bone. 
A small bone in the head of a goose 
has been made to serve the same 

Pocket charms arc not all of a medical 
nature. Some are borne about the 
person simjily with a ^•iew to ensure 
luck. A crooked sixpence is a very 
gi>od talisman to carry for luck, but it 
should be carrietl in the leftside pocket. 
Miss Courtney, in her inteicsting col- 
lection of Cornish folk-lore, .says that 
she once saw an old woman ttirn out 
her iiockel ; and among its ratller nudli- 
farious contenls were a knuckled.K3ne 
carried as a cure and pre\'entativc of 
cramp, and tlie lip of anox-tongtie ke]>t 
for good luck. Perhaps the must 
curitms development of this pocket 
worship of luck is found in the habit 

ilu>p ill Rii),— The only place where t'TiamelUiiij is ftmif 
re repaired by vak-aiiixiiig aT vhkv i.ow i'rici:s. 


II stock and it hirge cnnsij^'iiineiit ot St^ndaru hii;h c.rauk 

An ICast Anglian periodical some years which burglars have of carrying a piece 
a,L;o recortled an instructive conversation , of coal in the pocket " for !uck.« Over 
between a gentleman who suSTered from ', and over again at Bow-.street. and at 
rheumatism and an old gamekeeper who [ other poHce-courts, it has been stated 
hailed from SulTolk. The sufferer was in evidence by constables, when re- day ctimplaining of being rather cotmting the contents of their prisoners' 
stitTer than usual. "Well, sir. do ye pt)ckets, that among skeleton keys and 
try it, I have carried (.me in my p^x-ket other tools of the nefarious trade, they 
for many years. Onl>'. mind ye, sir, it had fountl a piece of ctral to ensure htcic 
must be stolen. You must get it out of ' in burglarious It is melan- 
a neighbor's field." And then the old choly to think how often this talisman 
man drew from his pocket an old jwtito !ia.s not only tailed to secure the desired 
black with age. « WelL keeper." said end. bi:t by being found in a prisoner's 
All orders for enamelling must be given on or before Thursday of each week, for delivery the gentleman, « has it cured your pocket, has been almost equivalent to 
.,<-.> ,T_.,-,.,.. rheimiatism ? " << I do'ent exactly know, incriminating evidence. Of all pocket 

and we will do our best to please you. 

JLI^liBHT C. JC/i\0 A^ Co. 

190, Rua da Alfandega. 

lefore Thur 
on the foliowmg Monday. 

■'-:^ - 

^tf ,,., -; ,, yM^it^-i ^ Ti^iifiytr^i-fet . . 


[March 22nd, 1898. 

charms the use of coal by burglars' 
seems the strangest and the most inex- 
plicable, One observer, anxious to 
offer a scientific explanation , has 
hazarded the suggestion that the color 
of the coal (t may suggest, very dimly 
and remotely, to the burglar-mind, 
remote shadowy tale of invisibihty " ; 
but the suggestion itself is too dim and 
remote to carry much conviction. « It 
is a curious psychological study in two 
ways," says the same writer, « first, how 
the burglar comes to think of an 
amulet, and what he thinks it is or 
can do, and, second, the burglar 
imagination, which throws a glamor of 
Asian romance over a chip of coal stole 
from a passing cart.» 

It has been said that to dream of coal 
is a. sign of riches ; but why this should 
be so regarded, or whether the idea may 
have any connection with the burglar's 
use of the black diamond as a pocket 
charm, are questions which must re- 
main unanswered. The belief in luck 
seems to flourish in eternal youth, not- 
withstanding the simplicity of the 
means by which it may be ensured, and 
the equal simplicity of other means by 
which the decrees of fate may be 
avoided. — 'f/h' Globe. 

From the ;V. Y.Joiinial of Commar,^, Febriiarv 2. 


At the convention of iiunmfacturers recently 
held in this city nuirkt;il stress was placed upon 
the necessity of obtaining specific niEomiation 
regarding tlie reqnirEineiits of foreign markets. 
Information coniposeii largely of generalities, 
such for instance as is frequently forwai'ded 
by consuls, is to the manufacturer trying to 
extend his export trade or establish such a 
trade, as a rule, valueless except, possibly, as a 
first introduction to a possible market. What 
manufacturers want is a description of tliekuid 
of goods that are already in use in a specified 
locality, the prices at whicli and the terms on 
which they areisold, the transportation charges, 
customs regulations, packing retiuirenients, 
names of merchants handling the class of 
goods ill question, etc, etc. 

The vahie of snch specific infornialion is 
plainly apparent. A manufacturer has at once 
data that will enable him to weigh the chances 
of success of operating in a new market to 
such a degree that lie is at least saved the 
expense of experiments that, from their nat- 
ural conditions, are bound to be failures. Near- 
ly all the exporters' associations are now 
making a specialty of this character of infor- 
mation, and the results show plainly the value 
of properly directed efforts in this direction. 
As an instance of the practical character of 
information we are, llirough the courtesv of 
Mr. \V. P. Wilson, director of the Phil idel'phia 
Museum, enabled to give the following copy 
of a report relative to the engine bnsiness of 
San Paulo, Urazil. This report, it will beseen, 
traces the business from the European fac- 
tory to the Brazilian plantation, giving all 
the information whicji an American manu- 
facturer must have in order to place his 
products in the same field. The report fol- 
lows : 

Character and variety — Steam and Water 
Engines; windmills. 

Countriesof Origin— Steam engines are, with 
few expections, of British manufacture, though 
France and Germany also supply tliem 
occasionally. Water engines, national (Bra- 
zilian) wheels, compete most successfnlly vvitli 
imported good's; but American and British are 
used to a considerable extent. Windmills, 
United States made find the readiest market. 

Quantity imported Annually — No returns 
giving these details are published. 

Manufacturers' prices— Roliey & Co. fixed 
engine, 20 horse-power, f. o. b. lyiverpool, with 
Rich's patent automatic governor and link ex- 
pansion gear, feed pump, foundation bolts, 
^307 ($1,493,00) ; discount about 15 per cent, 
246 IS ($223 95)— /260 [gs (|i ,269 05). Freight 
and other expenses to Santos al)out ^"93 ."is 
(I46350} ; cost, frcightand insurance at Santos 
/3564s ($1,732 55). Robey & Co. fixed en- 
gine, 14 horse-power, f. o. b, Liverpool, ^223 
($1,085 00): dodo, 16 horse-power, f. 0, b. 
Liverpool, /*252 (|[,226 30) ; do do, 20 horse- 
power, /307 (;fi.493 00). Other engines in 
proportion, (Boiler)— Fixed engines, 10 horse- 
power by J 2 horse-power, 11,500^000 reis. 
United States exchange value, $1,725; do, 12 
horse-power by 14 horse-power, i3,5oo$oao reis ; 
United States exchange value, f 2.025 I portable 
and semi-fixed, with base and tank, 2 horse- 
power, 3,800^000 reis ; United States exchange 
lalue, I570 ; do. 4 horse-power, 5,50o|ooo reis; 
t'nited States exchange value $825 ; do 6 horse- 
power, 7,ooofooo reis ; United States exchange 
value, f 1,050 ; do S horse power, 8,500^000 reis; 
United States exchange value, I1.275 ; do 10 
horse-power, lo.coojooo reis ; United States 
exchange value, |i,500 ; do, 12 horse power, 
ii,ooo$oooreis ; United States exchange value, 
$1,650. Prices are, of course, influenced by 
exchange ; but these will serve very well as a 

Transportation charges— Freights vary, of 
course; but will average about 35 shiHings 
($8 5a) per ton and 10 per cent primage, weight 
or measurement, from England. Carriage by 
San Paulo railway from Santos, reis r3||t86o 

{$2 08) per ton : the cost of putting into wag- 
ons being reis 3$500 (52 ;-icl per ton. From 
New York $S per ton would he a fair average. 
Apply to Paul F. Gerhard &: Co., 19 Whitehall 
street, New York city, Lamport & Holt Line ; 
or Norton & Son, 115 Produce Exchange, 
New York city, Norton Line. 

Import rate — These goods are considered 
free of duty ; but they pay what is called 
"expedienten of 10 per cent on the value as per 
original niamifacturer's invoice (which must 
be produced in and 10 per cent 
on the amount so arrived nt. They also pav 
"Capatazias," or handling charges, 200 reis per 
piece or jiackagc M'cighing up to 50 kilos 
iiud 100 reis per 10 kilos over that weiHhL. 
The custom-house valuation of the miireis 
(iSoool is 24c. 

Character of packing— Packing must ho 
substantial, say i '■-inch ])ine on 2X2-inch 
framing, with siijijiorLs wlicre lu'cessarv, nnd 
strapped with iron for crane slinging. ' iMxed 
engine; di.smniinU'd, and loconuitives mounted 
with p;n-ts lialile to accident or to be stolen 
.stowed in firebox or combustion chamber. I'ly 
wheel, running gear and pulley separate. N, 
B. — All goods are IraiisporLed in bullock 
carts from railway stations to farms ; conse- 
quently weights must be broken to suit. Great 
care must be used in marking packages so that 
])ieces may be identified willi the engine they 
belong to. This is necessary, l)ecause if not 
attended to customs charges will be enorm- 
ously increased, I.'tili/.e space inside ejiRine 
chimneys for stonige; closing 'end with plate, 
anrl riveting bands of iron over them. 

Merchants handling this class of goods: 
Zerreiiner, I'lulow iS: Co., Rna S. Benlu, Sin 
Paulo, Brazil ; Lidgerwood Mfg. Co., Rna do 
Commeroio, Siin i'aulu, Brazil ; Arens Irmaos, 
RuaDircita, San Paulo, Brazil ; Cia. Mechan- 
ica e Lnportadora, Rua 15 de Novenibro, Siin 
Paulo, Brazil ; Schmidt SiTrost, Rua do Com- 
mercio, San I'aulo, Brazil ; Azevedo, Bueno &. 
Co., Rna do Rosario, San Panlo, Brazil ; Lion 
& Co., Rua do Connnercio, San Paulo, Brazil. 
All above of good standing and repute. 

Field of distribution.— The whole of San 
Paulo state, except the district which is suppli- 
ed by the Central railway and its brandies from 
Rio de Janeiro ; i. e., from the point at wdiicli 
the Central line passes the border up to San 
Paulo city. 

Under lIk- hoadiiig .^Cenural Remarks- the 
report describes llie San Paulo district of Bni/.ii 
as an innnensc table land rising abruptly from 
the sea varying from 2,000 to^ 3,000 feet in 
height. R is the most progre,ssiveandweahhy 
province in Brazil ; has a population of over 
3,000,000, of whom 800,000 are Italians, and 
iias many flourishing interior towns, all con- 
nected h'y rail. Coffee is the sole agricultural 
production of the province. Numerous in- 
dustries have sprung up lately, such as cotton 
mills, iron foundries, glass factories and car- 
riage manufactories. Tlie cotton industry com- 
petes keenly with the product of F,urop'e, and 
the product" is used principally in the interior, 
owing to its cheajiness as compared with im- 
ported goods. It is rich in minerals, but these 
have not yet been developed. About ^^40,000, 000 
of British capital is invested in various enter- 
prises in this province. The city of San Paulo 
IS the distributing centre for this trade, Santos 
the seaport, being only a port of transit. The 
city of San Paulo' has a population of ].So,ooo, 
whom f)0,ooo are Italians. It is one of the 
most European looking cities in Brazil, having 
fine private and public buildings, good hotels 
and theatres, It is one of tlie most important 
educational centres in Brazil, The clin'ate is 
exceedingly healthy all the year round, with 
mild fro.sts in winter. Present exchange is 
about 7 >-a pence (15 cents) per 1,000 reis, 
«niilreis,it written thus : i$ooo. 

THE KNCINHS now in use. 

The report then describes the engines now 
in use as follows : 

Steam engines are of three classes, viz. : 
Fixed, semi fixed and portable. 

Fixed— Furnished with nniltitnbnlar boilers, 
flues, furnaces, etc., in brick work. Of these, 
plans must always be sent. They range from 
20 nominal horsepower upward. Also with 
one cylinder, locomotive type boiler, which 
should be two horse-power more powerful 
than engine. 

Semi-fixed and Portable— Range up to 12 
horsepower, and on rare occasions to 16 horse- 
power, the latter being compound. 

Water— Water wheels of all types. Native 
manufacturers can compete successfully with 
importers. The same remark applies to Pelton 
water wheels, which can be made there in- 
comparably more cheaply than imported. Tur- 
bines "Lcffel.ii "Turbinas Aniericanasn (ma<le 
in Scotland) are all that are used. "Jyinville" 
and iiGerard" are seldom found in the market, 
and are of no use there. 

Windmills- All American windmills find a 
ready market there. No imitations exist. 

Engines — All engine shafting is run at 120 
revolutions. Fittings must be .strong, bear- 
ings long and movement simple. Kconomy 
of fuel is not of primary importance ; wood 
on farms being plentiful, and must be burned. 
For town work witli coal {£2 per ton) a more 
economical engine is better. Simple D valve, 
and good but simple governor. The latter 
must be capable of working witli a reduction 
of one-tl ir.l, and steam valve full open. Such 
an engine will .surely please. 

Trade reports and business records of this 
kind are being received under the direction 
of the Philadelphia Mmseuni from everj- part 
of the world and touching every line of trade. 
The Philadelphia Commercial JIusenm is 
maintained by public appropriations, and is 
guided in its work by an Advi.sory Board, 
composed of the leading commercial organi- 
zations of the United Stales. 


II Look out, young fellow; what are you 
about ? " said llie ]iolicenian in a cerlain 
Sou herii town to a traveling niiin who was 
tapping with his cane with evident intentiiin 
of smashing in the glass around a street lamp, 

II Ah, there you are," said the traveling 
man, as the glass gave way with a crash, 
"Now. if you'll be good enough to arrest me, 
I will be obliged to you." 

(I You seem nnghtv anxious to get arrested," 
said the officer. ' 

„Yes; I was a little bit afraid tliat yon 
wouldn't notice me. I've gut tn sl.iv here 
alKMit three days till 1 hear from my firm on a 
busiiu^ss matler." 

" Well, you don't wan' to si>end that time in 
jail, do you? ■> 

I- Yes; I have trieii both Llie liotels here. » 


The best paid woman in the employ of the 
United States govcrmueiit is Miss Mary Kirk, 
translator of " in the bureau of 
American republics at Washington. Her 
salarv is $[,Soo a year. The maximum salary 
paid by the government to women clerks is 
$i,Sn(i"per aiinum. Hut very few ever receive 
it. The next is $1,600, and the niajorily 
receive onlv $1,400 and $1,000. Tu these 
positions there are many interesting persoti- 
alities. Representatives of famous families 
can be found in every department, and ,si>nie 
hold positions of bnist and respnnsiliiliiy. 
Besides being the best paid, Miss Rirk is 
among the youngest of the women who draw 
sahtries from the government. Miss Kirk w:is 
Ijorn in Pennsylvania, Her father, Isaac Kirk, 
was a prominent member of the I'rieiids' 
Society, She is a graduate of Swarlluuore 
College, where .she came prominently before 
the public in a leading pari in the play " Anti- 
gone, n in the origin il Greek. Her proficiency 
in languages brougln her the teiU-bersbip in a 
leading girls' college of Rio de Janeiro, where 
she became faniiliar with the Purluguese lan- 

guaj^-e— a 

nt for an .■\nn 

Shehas been attached to the Bra/.ilian legation 
in Washington as translator to Mr. t)e 
Mendon^a.™ New Orleans Ficayuiie, Jan, 13. 


The suicide of » Baron » James Harden 
Hickey in a Texas hotel brings to an eml a 
strange and romantic career. An Irishman 
by birth, but American by nationality, he 
spoke French like a native, and was at one 
time a well known figure on the Parisian 
boulevanis. Enjoying apparently an ample 
fortune, he kept open house on his estate of 
Andilty, near Montmorency, and entertained 
the wildest spirits of literary Paris. He wrote 
a great deal himself over the signature of 
"Saint Patrice." published a book of literary 
portraits, "Nos Ecrivains," and projected an 
encvclopedia. Later on he started a journal, 
Le Tnbonh't, while his wife, a witty American, 
wrote operas which are still inedilcd. The 
Tiibonlct was not a success, and the Baron 
disappeared for a time from Paris, In 1894 he 
returned and announcfd to his friends that he 
was no longer Baron Harden Hickey, but His 
Serene T-Iighness James L, Prince of Trinidad, 
While in tlie South Atlantic he had, il appears, 
come across the islet which had so frequently 
been visited by the treasure seekers, of which 
Mr, Knight wrote a charming volume, " The 
Cruise of the A!eri,n and which last _\'ear was 
the subject of a triangular dispute 'between 
Great Britain, Portugal, ami Brazil. The 
Baron had taken possession of the island, and 
had duly notified his continest to the powers. 
His form of government was to be a military 
dictatorship, with officers wearing the mous- 
tache and imperial of the Second Empire, 
The flag was a yellow tri ingle on a red ground. 
He had, moreover, instituted an order— the 
Cross of Trinidad — for the reward of « letters, 
the arts, the sciences, indu.stry, the hnmanita- 
rian virtues, and devotion to his dynastv." 
Several Central American republics for reasons 
known to themselves, recognised him. The 
state decreed for itself a monopoly in guano, 
turtles and the legendary piratical treasure 
said to have been buried in 1835, To everv- 
tliing else the colonists would he free. Other 
manifestoes of the same kind were i.ssued from 
time to time by the jirince. and he seems to 
have derived some revenue from the sale of 
his ribands and crosses of the Order of Tri- 
nidad and his Trinidad postage-stamps. He 
did not, however, return to the lonelv islet. 
When Great Britain and Brazil quarrelled over 
the possession of Trinidad, Prince James sent 
a protest to the powers. Then he disippeared, 
and nothing more was heard of him in Europe 
until February 11, when his death was an- 
nounced . — /;■«> opeati Mail. 

The almost universal form in which the drv 
corn is used in Mexico is that of toftillas. It 
is boiled over night till .soft, and then is 
mashed on a flat stone, called a nu'tatt'. Then 
it is molded into a fliit c ike, between a pair of 
black, and most likely ilirtv. hands, and 
spread upon a heated pan. or piece of sheet- 
iron or earthen-ware ; turned once or twice 
and serveil upon the table. With tmih-d black 
beans, frijoles, this makes the sum and sub- 
it mce of the living of the peon, and of many 
of the better classes, too. People can live on 
this diet, for nnllioiia do, and thev grow fat 
and greasy, and they can work on it. The 
cargadores. porters or carriers, trot along 
under loads that would stagger some of our 
sto itest-lookitig beef and pork eating men in 
the same business. — Ex. 

The Rio News 

rviu.isuEn u-reklv. 

A. J. LAM0UR1-;UX, iiditorand Proprietor. 

Conliiinsiisnii.mniyof iK-w.snij<la review of llra/iliiiii 
nlTairs. 11 of Hit ^^r^^■ill^^ au.l (U'piirtiirfs nf f.irt^ii;,, 
vifsselM, Ihc L'ommiiroiiil ri'iini-lQiid price CLLrrfiii of the 
murkft, lahk'.H tif slwk (iiiolntioii,i nii-l snli'.^, n .smu- 
iiiarv or Uiediiilv colTct^ iciiarLs aiul nil citlicr iiif()r- 
Tii;,tioii iie.-os.riry lu a c-mtqcI jiidmuelU 011 lUiuilimi 
I mile. 

Siilusci-iiilioii : .lojiirw) ]H?r auinuit for Briinil: 

Jin,o()i)r/';iiliro;Klorllie equivalent iiicnrn-Hcy. 
.\11 siibwrililioiis .should mil ivilh llu- culciuliir v(.>iit, 
or Ivrruiiiiite 011 jiUK- yA\\ iitid Ilcwiiihirr M-^t. 

.Siibscniilititi.'i iiiLd iidvertiseiiu'iilswillherci^ijiveil hy 
liiiKciic I-rayer, ICsq, 

WiillnL-c nnildiuH, sf. Tine Kl,. Ni;w York 
Mi-«srs. S(ieutS:Cn,, 

.^0 CortiliiU, t.ns-no.v 
., l-rof^t .t C.i„ 

iSi, Queen Victoria Street, 
ntiil ill the Victoria .Slotc, S,\o I'AUi.o. 
Notict.sof iimrrlnKes. liirllis and ileiiUit; ajvyi encU . 
<il.\T.I.E COPl/CS.' nco,-&lt*: rorsnlealtlicolTice 
of iiuhlieiition. nl the EiiKlfsli ""ok Store, No, 67 Kid 
tlo Onvitior, niul at llie Victoriii 

! in Sftg Pniilo, 

/■:niTOHi.-ir- a.\o rriujCATioN offices:- 

79, Kiia Hcle tic Heletiibro. 


Rio UK J.\MaKO, Marcei 32iid, 1S9S, 

In view of the conlinucd fall in iw- 
clia)ii:c, lli<- lofitl rimriin- .'^iil'scrif^tion ni/c 
has bcrii iiidoastil lo /o^ofOjOr .S'oo rri.^ 
per fopy. Sina: March is( all siilmiip- 
lioiis should be paid at that rate. 

Tin; Brn/ilinii ^ox'crnmciit is to hu 
cordi:i!ly cnngrntuhiied im its rL-sidiUioii 
to sell its now naval vu-'^scls. Allhotij^h 
we liave not steii a coulirnialion of tlit; 
report that the two ironclads under con- 
struction in France, and the torpedo 
cruiser under consLrtictioii in Gennany, 
■nre to he .sold, \vc may ]iresuinc that the 
goveniinent is only wailing for the 
biiyer.s to close the transaction. The 
sale of tlie Ajnaconas and .-llmifaj/te 
Abrcii to the United .Stales is happily 
accomplished without delaj', and the 
transi'er has already been made. From 
these sale.s the Brazilian treasury will 
receive a large amount in ready cash, 
and will be relieved of the burden of 
meeting onerous ])ayinenls on their ac- 
count in the future. Of course some 
will say that these vessels should never 
have been sold, as they are needed for 
the defence of the country. Others 
will sneer at the j^'overnment for its 
weakness. In our opinion, (he .side is 
ju.slifiable in every respect, and reflects 
great credit upon the government. 
Hra/.il has no quarrel witli her neighbors, 
and is not threatened with war. The 
country is not mixed up in a single 
dispute which is likely to lead to 
trouble. Every sword might therefore 
be turned into a ploughshare witliuut 
fear, and every naval vessel might be 
sold or directed to peaci-ful ptirsttits. 
Instead of buying ironclads and cruisers, 
rifles, uniforms and annnunition. every 
miireis and every man in the comitry 
should be employed in developing trade 
and industry. These pursuits will do 
more for the strength and security of 
the nation than ail the armies and navies 
that can be created. Brazil iiee<is to 
have her mines developed, lier planta- 
tions improved M\i\ their products diver- 
sified, new industries created, her inter- 
nal and foreign commerce extended, and 
hundreds of useful undertakings pro- 
moted. She needs schools, libraries, 
charitable institutions, reformatories, 
uuiseums : she neetls jwrts, railways, 
steamship lines, fisheries, and countless 
other things. If the government can 
put away the idea that it wants ships, 
soldiers and guns, and can then turn 
the almost exhausted revenues of the 
coimtry into channels which will 
develop these peaceful activities, it will 
be doing n far better and grander work 
than can ever be done through an empty 
niilitary display. The sale of these 
ships was a wise act ; now let us have a 
still wiserone— -that of cutting down the 



March 22nd, 1898.] 


Tiii'.Hi'; seems to be sonic confusion ; 
ill regard to the protection of furL-st | 
Uincls in and about tliis city. Tlic mu- ; 
iiicipality says tiiat it Ikis no control over I 
tliesc lands and has no gnardas to 1 
protect tlieiu nK^niiist devastation. Tlve i 
only competent authority, in some in- j 
stances, is the national government, j 
which administers the public water sup- i 
ply and is thus interested in jircserving- i 
llie foresLs. In every i^art ol the city. \ 
hii\vever,--on the Copacabana hillsides, ! 
in Larangeiras, alon.s( Rio Coniprido, and ' 
on cvci-y hillside out to Tijuca, the 
piratical wood-cutter is steadily cuttin.^■ 
away the trees, and in some castjs is 
(.■ven burning away the nnderbrusli in 
order to make small plantations. The 
vesull of this will be a very serious pa- 
jndice to the city in the years tn ronu;. 
If the accounts of old residents are iru.', 
ihe rainfall here has i;really diminished 
witliin the last iifty yerirs, and this is 
due. without doubt, to llie fnust 
destruction which ha.s been '^o\\\)^ on. 
In the immediate neit^hborliood tlii-^ 
destruction lias been all the greater l>e- 
cause of the )^rc^\. number of persons 
seeking firewood, and also to make 
small clearings for cultivation. In the 
intcresls of public health, sonietliin.i;- 
ought to be done at once to correct the 
evil. Much of the mountainous districts : 
hereabout, if we are not mistaken, is | 
still public projierty. and its protection '■ 
ought to be an easy task, As for olhcr 
lands, if they cover water sources, sdhk- 
general pro\-ision for their preser\atiou 
against indt-scriminate wood-cutting 
ought to l)c framed. We understand, 
of course, that a man ought to have tlic 
right to do what he pleases witli his 
uwu. but at the same time, if his Hherty 
of action leads to public injury, then: 
some restraint sliould be w^foX. The 
state might very well pass some general ' 
law for the preservation of forests on the 
mountain sides and alxnit tiie .sources of 
all public water supi)lies. Such lauds 
are cominonly unfit f<n' cultivation, and | 
are of no value except for wood. If [ 
their jiroprielor^ to ob.scrvc the j 
regulation, then the law should provide 1 
for their expropriation for public u.scs. \ 

theory that in a republic the rights of 
the government in such matters are 
superior to those of the citizen, In the 
true republic the governmenl is the col- 
lective body of citizens, and L'lijoys 
nothing more than tlieir common rights 
and privileges, together willi such del 
egated riglits as may be necessary to 
maintain Its representative character 
and nuiintain its dignity and authority. 
That it ha.s .so\'ereign rights, and may powers not delegated to it and 
in opposition to tlie will and welfare of 
ilie people, no genuine republican will 
admit. The exercise of such authority 
is arbitrary and monarchical, not re- 
l)ubliean. Then, tcio, the practice gen- 
erally fails in its ostensible o!)ject— that 
of protecting the revenues. Ithanipe'rs 
Irrule, destroys mercantile profits, in- 
creases the costs of fiscalization and 
collection, aiul ultimately reduces the 
re\'emie. The sim[)lest and most liberal 
methods are always Ik-sI, and it sliouhi 
he iIk' coinnion aim of Ijoth government 
;nid penplL- to attain them. And there is 
no belter way In do this than to give 
the courts revisionary powers, 

To SKTTTj; the constantly recurring ; 
disputes and difliculties in the custom-, the government otight to provide 
for their settlement outside. The cus- 
toms oHicials should be inhibited from 
the exercise of judicial functions, and 
their acts should be made subject to the 
revi.siou of some outside authority, and 
the final interpretation of any law 
should rest with the courts. This is no 
more than fair and just- The nierehant 
has just as good aright to appeal to the 
courts against an arbitrary ruling or 
mistaken interpretation of tlie law as 
anv other citi/eu can have, aiul congress 
has no power to abridge tliat right. In 
our opinion the restriction on appeals 
from decisions in the customdiouse, is 
clearly unconstitutional. Were it pos- j 
sible for an importer to appeal to the | 
courts against the arbitrary decisions of | 
customs officials, the latter being held 
resixmsible for costs and damages like ; 
anv other litigant, greater care would ! 
be'exercised in that public department, 
and fewer cases of injustice would be 
reported, Iuuumnt\" from prosecution, 
ami even from revision, places the cus- 
toms ofiicial in a position where his 
opinion and will are above the lavv itself- 
He is a dictator, and his word is law. 
He interprets the law one way to-day, 
and another way to-morrow; and there is 
no appeal from his decision as long as 
the amount involved is within a certain 
limit. If he cluxises to clas.sify vaseline 
as dynamite, and fine the importer for 
an alteuipl to e\'ade customs regtdatJons, 
he does so with impunity. To prevent 
such abuses. ever\' impttrter should 
have the right of ap[K'al to some higher 
authority. In fact, the customdiouse 
should be purely executive in character. 
and .shouhl at all times be subject to the 
courts and revisionary trii>unals. ^ In 
such matters the people ha\'e ctpial rights 
with the government, and these rights 
should be as carefully protected and 
respected as those of the government. 
We have no patience whatever with the 

\\'HA'ria'iCR may be the outcome of 
the present stiuiiicd relations between 
llie I'niLed Slates and Spain, it must be 
ailniilled that the hearing and procedtire 
of the United Stales government has 
been dignified and exceptionally cour- 
teous. Tiie loss of the new armored 
cruiser Mainf and the greater ]iart of 
iier crew in the harbor of Havana and 
under \-ery mysterious circumstances, 
was calculated tii arouse sns[)icioiis of 
foul pla>-, and these suspicious were 
intensified by the 0|>eii rejoicings of 
certain faualical Sj)iU!iards, and by the 
couienii»lible in\-eiUions of others. The 
Spanlsli go\-ernment, howe\'cr, so 
l)rouipLl\' expressed its sympathy-, and 
its representative in Cuba and ihe munic- 
ipal authorities were .so proiii]>i in tlieir 
lenders of assistance, that it was not 
jiossible to believe them guilt\' of so 
base a treachery. Among the Cuban 
synipathi/.ci's in the United Slates, the 
belief was entertained and nourishecl 
that the loss of tlte Maine was due to 
some outsitle cause, and Ihey ha\"e done 
their utmost, therefore, to embroil the 
two nations in war. Happily President 
McKinley has been strong enough to 
resist every effort in this direction. The 
officers connected with the ill-fated .ship 
have maintained a discreet silence, and 
the government has calmly waited fur 
the results of an ofBclal invcsligation. 
Although the wreck was allowed to )>e 
extra-territorial, or a part of the United 
States, even though below Sj^xauish 
waters, the United States govermneut 
at ouce gave permission to the Spanish 
authorities to make an independent 
invcsligation. The projxisal to conduct 
a joint investigation was not eiiier- 
taiiied, and for the simple reason that 
such ail inquiry is essentially natiim;ii 
and at the outset ptireh- professional — 
that is. it belongs exclusively to the 
navy department. If no evidence of 
criminal treachery were foutitl, then the 
imiulry will never pass beyond the 
jurisdiction of that department, and 
with this the Spanish gu\-ernment can 
have nothing to do. If, however, 
evidence were found that the cruiser 
was blown up by a torpedo from the 
outside, then the question would become 
a political one, and the Spanish govern 
inent would ha\'e a right to make a 
separate examination of the wreck. 
The read\' peruu.'^sion given bv the 
American government for an Indepen- 
dent investigation, even before the 
(question could possibly become {wlitical, 
must therefore be accepted as a desire 
to be fair and just. At this distance 
from the scene of this great disaster, 
and with the untrustworthy telegraph 
ser\'lce \\'hlch furnishes us news, It is 
imjwssible for us to form a correct opin- 
ion on such a subject before mail 
advices are received. And now that 
we have these advices, we ace glad to 
say that iwth nations have conducte<l 
themselves with dignity and good judg- 
ment, notwithstanding the |x)pular 
excitement and clamor, and in spite of 
the bellicose attitude of the jingo ele- 

ments in both countries, Hoth coun- 
tries, it is true, are hurriedly preparing 
for war, but tins, we are convinced, is 
more for eventualities tliaii with inten- 
tion. It should be said, howe\-er, that 
the United States lias been steadil\- in- 
creasing its navy and coast fortihcations 
for some years past, and the recent ac- 
quis! dons of war material, therefore, 
can iiMi he considered as an indication 
that the go\-ernmcnt has resolved upon 

Railroad Notes 

(^OFFEE ]\I()'n'S 

— ■■ Al Tii;ti-. n .says an exchaiij^e. ■' Hk- mltV!- 
cr<i;> tills w'-M- liiis iiut'ii (.'iioniimis, Siii<-i- \.^-A 
Julv it hiis 1M.T11 lu-a-ssiirv to have s]./- 
ciiii li^.iiissolL-lv for renioviiii; tlR' eulLv, hi 
spite '>f ihis rcliL-f Ihf wirL-huiiSL- :a tiie ,sl.-i- 
liuti li;is liL-L-ii e<Jiist;uilIy full." 

— Airnniiiii; u> a tniUetin issiiod liy the 
CeiUiiil r;iihv,iv tlii-rt- wore 20,fi7i b.ij;s (if cof- 
fee -Ai 111..' sliLinns af tliat line on Silurd.iy, iif wliieii -,.\V~) were iU tliosc where \\w 
pmdtH-t isshippeil iind 1 3,7V-' ;it (ii'stininiuns. 
We lin not uiulL-rsluid Ilia; tliese il^ure-^ iii- 
cUnli' lilt' t]tiaiuity in iransil. 

— 'riie jfoveriiTiit'iil e.stiniate fur the 
jfrowitiy j.ivn crop is l^S.Ocxj piciils, :iii;niist 
4go,oi«.) pictils Lliis soasou, Tlie new piiv:Ue 
crop is t.\sUinnlt.'d at 190,000 piciils, .i^aiii'^l 
Soo.fTwi piciils. TliL' diilv p.ivmeiits :itii1 
delivenesof C(. flee ill the /-liivereiii in 1S97 
were t-,^,;')'! tons, aj,'ainst i ^■(,i)'">tniis in 1S96; 
ill Kni'land, 7-,..|7'j ions, a^i'iiii^l (17.117 imis 
ill iKqf,. 

—.Tlie e.xporls of cnffi-c from India in iSv)6- 
97 were 210,797 hvuulreilwei;,'iU, heiiiL,' llie 

~-A Santiago teieyrani "f tlu ]6tli si\stliat 
the (piartels are full of volinUtir-, iiid the 
inUlioriUes are refusing tliose uiuUr IS \eii^ 

-U i.-^ \\ortliv of note that Uk- iiritish jfov- 
erniiieiit has ordered a l.irj;e iiundier ofnidd- 
: win locomotives for tlic niilways beiuj^ cou- 
1 strucied into the Soudfin. 

I --The iiieoiiie of the Chilian stale- railways 
in Deceiid'er list was $1,04,^,615. .jfi ; and U'le 
e.xpenditiire anioiiiiled Lo ;f 1 .u9.;,7iS. 25. The 
figures fi.'r the corresponding month in 1S96 
were respec lively, %'.f.->(i~,rt22.'^.\. and 


— It is slated tliat of tlie 25,o<yi shnres of the 
Carioe.L tiainway coiiipaiiv 9.670 bektiig to Dr. 
h:.Iii;!id.> S.oiLos, .S,5t)o to the Bvincoda Repn- 
biie.i add i.'fyii to Antonio I'crreira Unller. 
This lea\e.s oiilv 3,930 sliare.s for the otlier 

—'X\\i--Jnyiml do Commrmo }^i\a tliat the 
'' iraiishipnu-nl of fruni the Central to the 
■ Leopiihiiiia line at I'orlo Novo is not made 
; with tlif lurt-^s.irv proniiititn-le. The /oniti/ 


accuinnlaleil at tli, 
.ic;i tramwav eof 


Ling i 

,-ill, it is 

veslr,- tM-iiniis, and ' 
a hot,l lii-r-. If Ihe 1,'uesls are anv 
llierh.irie;-rofai;Tealpartof the pa 
lo that iMaul on Sundavs, il will he 

idc Iha 

is seekii 


amallesl f 

ir rears. TI1 

' expons of 

eotTee, as 


.v the Tnnh- A',-:l,-:r. Iku 

e been as 

foilow.s : 



ISS7-SS . 

. , , . 27',. 77' 


. . 296,680 

1 8.S.S-S9 , . 

. . , . ,-^65.299 

' Vr94 

. . 27.S,7p 


■■■ 239.79.5 


, , 281,290 

IK909I .. 

. ... 2;,3,45i 


. 290,900 

lS9t 02 . . 

, . , , ",11 ,,S6.[ 


. . 210,790 

-—A eorre.spundfiit of the fhilazvayo Chroit- 
idf. wrUiiiK from Znndia ( Ceiilnil 
.yfriea^ s.tys : " The present cofTee crop is 
estimated at 450 tons, which, 1 iinilersliuid, is 
a low estimate. The (lUiility. so Far as I li:ive 
been able to f^iitlier. i,s, oti ihe whole, excel- 
lent ; so that ill spite of ihe heavy Brazil 
crops, goud prices shoiilil be obtained. As 
was to lie expected, the transport difficulty is 
ligaifi acute, and iiuuiv are the sighs for the 
inmh lalked-of railway. It is 'too soon l(» US to next year's nop unli! the 
blossom' .showers have f.illen ; but. so far as 1 
have heard a liealtliy spike is .showing up 
fiifortunutelv, at ."^llunje .some appreheiisiim 
is fell on acL'oiint of the lociisls, which have 
congregated in great numbers, and it is Feared 
they iitay destroy the blossom as soon as it 


--.\t Araciijii. on the 12th iiisl. an unsuccess- 
ful alteniptwas m.ule to destroy the prinling- 
oilice of the l\ii:. 

— On SumUv. in S.i" I'.iido, tlierL' was a 
vioieiit storm, wliich is sai.l to have caused 
consiaend.k- damage, 

-The cruiser .' with the six eNik's 
<m hoard, arrived at liahia on the ijlh iiisl, 
No one from ashore was permitted lo visit the 

—.V Sao Paulo jury has ab,so]ved Antonio 
nrunschweid, wdio had been accused of having 
manufactured counterfeit laliels of foreign 

-Still another. On the r7lh the President 
issued 11 decree aimnting the grant of militarv 
ho;i,.rs to Mauricio I.eoii Sauiiis, of the .slate of 

— .\t Ii,ihia some d.iys ago Uicre was a nint- 
in\- .uiiong some soldiers on l)o;ird the steamer 
F.^f-into Santo. The soldiers, it issLated, M-ere 
dissatislied with the fate on hoard. 

— It is reported in jui/; dc Fi^rii tli;U Fer- 
nando l,()bo is going lo resign his seat in the 
Scn.tte. Il look Hern:\tido a longtime to learn 
how to resign ; but iv n'l-it qtti' W prcmu-r pa^ 
qui auile. 

-A Curitvha jury has absolved Alferes Joao 
Kpnninondas de .\ndrade jambo of the crime 
,■1 .i-s i>sin;tting .Adlo, The puVdic prose- 
cutor hafi appealed. We believe Unit no one 
disputes the killing. 

—With Hberalitv worthy of a better cause 
the .Vniazonns .state legislature yoied it six 
months' leave of absenco to I'.ov. I'ileto Pires 
.imt the Huni of ,^500 a month for Ihe payment 
01 his travelling expenses. 

— The much-needed change which the g-ov- 
eminent hiLsinade in the adminislmtion of the 
postal service in Rio lirande do Sul lias excit- 
ed the auger of the castilhistas who threaten 
to establish a postal service of their own. It 
is stated that the new administrator has 
been authorised to thoroughly reorganise the 
service so as to free it from the pernicious 
political conLrul instituted under the govtrru- 
ment of Mursbal Flonaau Peixoto. 

— An acais.uiou 1 
new Uopoidina o. 

tralTlC iiw,i\ \r^'\u the Ceiitr:-;], ilie m.oi.igers ol 
that lim-h.'ivr.s-.eii lit i- di-nv tiiesofi iuipo.u'h- 
menl, Tluy only take what is brought to 
them vohiuiarily.' Are we tobclieve thaUhe 
gnverniiuoii objects to competilion ? 

--The S, Christovao tramway Hues carried 
last year i9,324,.S28 piiKseugers. of which 
13,470 .)oS piiid irxi reis fares, 5 62i.S^5 paid 
2ix> reis. 96,777 paid 250 reis, and 235, 2SS paid 
300 reis. The I'.eerease in trifFic amounted lo 
696,759 passengers compared willi 1S96, and 
4^1,93^ pas,seiiger,s conip.!re<l with 1S95, 

— The director of the Batvirite line ha.s re- 
ported various irregularities in payments on 
ihat road under the management of his pred- 
ecessor, and now under examination in the 
Ceard custom The minister of industry 
has sent copies of the doeumen'.s to the min- 
ister of finance, so that action may be taken 
ajjaitist the jvirties coucerned . 

—On Sunday there seems to have been a 
lively time at "the liule town of Parahylw do 
Sul Dvpr a question between the Melhoramen- 
tns and Central railways. The director of the 
latter road had obtained an injunction itgainst 
a that the former had begun to 
build : !nit the MeUioramentos people seemed 
indisposed to respect the injunclioii. The 
resident engineer of the Central telegraphed 
that he could not rely on the police, and sub- 
sequently telegraph wires were cut, so that 
tralTieon'lhe ro;ui was temporarilv inti,-rrupted. 
It appears, however, that the .Melhorameiilos 
people rinally decided to limit their action to 
a protest against the injunction. 

— Jixiquim da Sd\[i liuimanies, cx-treasurer 
of the Central railw.iv, accused of the em- 
be//.le]nenl of 6.114. iiSk)<iis4, was tried on the 
4lh iiLsl. His lawyers contended that the 
[illeged shortage w. IS purely imaginary, Tlie 
utmost confusion and disorder, they And, had 
prevailed in the railway's lutcounts,' All sorts 
of irregularities for which the accused was 
not responsible, had Siecii comndlted in re- 
ceiving and disbursing money and. as in con- 
sei|neiice of these irn-gularilies money sup- 
posed lo have been riceived had di.s^ippeared 
without leaving anv vestige lo show what had 
beeoiiie of it. a short.ige was attributed to the 
ex-treasurer. This argument seems to have 
been supported by proofs thai ilu- jure con- 
sidered .satisfactory, lor the ,tccu,-.ed was una- 
nimoiLsly acquitted. 

5hipim\(; \1otes 

— -The toqierin cruiser 7^v/i_i' arrived at Teu- 
crilTe on the i.^th iiist, 

— Twenty-four hours oljservation on Rio and 
Santos arrivals has been decreed at Monte- 

—The Itiilian .steamship line called the - IJ- 
gure Braziliana, " has established a Lisbon 
service by sending some of their steamers to 
that port. 

—There was a collision on the night of the 
16th inst,, near I'lon's island, Jlonlevideo, 
lietweeii the Norwegian str. A'iiii{S7i',h>i/ and 
the .str, Cr.hit/i,im, the latter b^ing 
sunk. The crew w^is s,ived, 

— On the i6th there was a collision near San 
Nicolas, on the Panina river, between the 
Liufarw, from Asuncion, Paraguay, am! the 
tow-boat Ortr. The latter was badly injured, 
while the former received no damage of conae- 

— The cruiser Andrada. vdth the six: exiles 
011 tK)ard, is rejiorted to have left the island of 
Fernando ile Noronha on the 14th inst, at 
midnight and is expected to arrive here on the 
25th. She arrived at Rahia on the 17th and 
left for Rio on the i9lh. 



[March 22nfl, 1898. 

— We fire glad to see that the name Aquida- 
irt» is lo he retained for the ironcliid which 
bore the ieadiiij; part in the naval revolt, and 
which ^vas rechristened I'inie c qnalro dc 
Meiio. Let us hopt that the RfpubUca and 
Trajauo will be Kimilarly treated. 

— The remains of the hulls, machinery, 
ancliors, chains, and other fittings of the 
steamers Ckanlny and Pculatir, wrecked in 
Horcon Bay, on the Sonth Chilian coast, and 
also part of the carjjoes which remain in 
them, have been sold at auction for $910, 

— Surprise is freqnently expressed by ship- 
masters that there is an' [.■Injilish hospital in 
this city. And yet we not only have such a 
hospital, but it is sitiuited in a charniinjj place 
and has done good work. In [894 it received 
a large number of shipmasters, who have ever 
since been warm friends of the institution. 

— The Conro Espaiiol of Buenos Aires has 
taken Bra/il to task for selling the cruisers 
Aiiiii=oiiax'M\i\ ^Ihiiiraiite Ahivu \.ot\\^ United 
States. lint let us suppose the sale had been 
to Spain — What then ? .\nd then again, if 
Brazil has iTiore need of money tlian ships, 
what business has any other nation to say shf 
shall not sell them? " 

— The owners of the Ariientine .str. iViifvo 
Colas/iiic. which was run down in this harbor 
in 1.S96 by the BrilisJi sir. Mnyiiinini, have 
applied for an endiarL;o in hnenos Aires on the 
str, jonilhi beloni.;ing to the same owners. It 
is conlendcil that the claim is against the 
ship, and not Hiiiiinst tlieowiiers, eonsetpiently 
an embargo on another ship l)elonging to the 
same owners will not hold. 

— A Buenos Aires telegram of Llie lylh inst. 
savs that the Brazilian str. Diiiianliiio had 
co'llied with the British str. iS'niiclte near the 
i.sland of Martin Garcia, sinking a few min- 
utes latter. The passengers and crew of tlie 
Diainau/iito were fortunately saved. The 
Diamaniino belonged to the Lloyd Brazileiro 
company and was engaged in the river trafhc 
between Montevideo and I\latto Grosso. 

— The old Pacific steamer Britannia, which 
came to grief in this bay some time ago, and 
was then .sold for a tliousand pounds, has now 
entered upon a new career. She was repaired 
and refitted for carrying live stock, but has 
failed to be a success. Tlie Chilian government 
is now negotiating for her, the i)rice 
being £ 12,000. She is staunchly built and is 
easily worth the money, but she is not fast. 

— On the T7th inst. the steamer Ilaipava 
ran aground in the fog at a place called Ti- 
juca, between Guaratiba and Gavea. To ease 
the vessel the cargo was thrown over bojird 
and the steamers Ilauiia, flapoau, Itahy and 
Ikincma were sent to its relief. Tliese steam- 
ers succeeded at midnight on the iSth in float- 
ing the Ilaipava, which had sprung a leak 
and was probably otherwise damaged. The 
cargo that was washed ashore was removed by 
the people residing in the vicinity. 

—On the 17th the minister of finance advis- 
ed the presiilent of the Banco da Repnblica 
that the proposal of the German Bank for the 
purchase of the Lloyd Brazileiro steamship 
company could not be entertained because of 
the law relating to the coastwise traffic, Un- 
der this law the vessel.'! nnist he under the 
Brazilian flag, owned by Brazihans or by a 
company E.stablished in the conntrv and mati- 
agefi by a Brazilian, the ships be com- 
manded by Bnizilians, and at least two-thirds 
of the crew must be Brazilian. Tlie prevention 
of a desired sale to a foreign coni])any, i.s a 
result which the promoters of tlie law ilid not 
calculate upon. 

—A London telegram of the i5tli to tlic 
Joriial do CouiDit'/rio announces the sale of 
the new Brazilian cruisers Alniimnlc Abirtt 
and Amatonas to the United States govern- 
ment. The/tf///(r/of the i6tli says that the 
minister of marine has sent orders for the 
immediate delivery of the ships to the repre- 
sentative of the United States, The two 
cruisers have been constructed in Knglaiul. 
the contract price for the Aiiiiirantr Ahiru 
being ^,■163.340, on which Brazil liad paid 
/"32,66s np to January last. The price paiil 
iov \.\\e Anunoiias, it is thought, is about the 
same. The contract of sale was signed in 
London on the i6tl], and an American crew 
tock charge of the A ma zona. '. on the following 
dav. The .Xhiiiianlc Abirn is n,a \'et 

Local Notes 

— The boarding-house at No, S3 Rua Mal- 
vino Reis was destroyed by fire on the night 
of the i6th inst, 

— It is reported that the floriaiiislas are 
going to depose Glycerio and make Julio ile 
Castilhos their leader. 

— It is stated tliat ex-candidate LauroSodre 
is one of the officers who attended the meet- 
ing at the niihtary club on the gth inst. 

— Marcellino Bispo de Mello is reported to 
have said that the conspirators who plotted 
against Prudent" also intended to nnirder 

— The old and well-known Hotel df Pran^a 
facing the old Palace scpiare, has been re- 
opened, after having been thoroughly refitted 
and enlarged, 

— Our popular and highly esteemed colleague 
of the O'azt-ta de Mdiaus, Dr. Ferreira de 
Araujo, has been severely ill, but is now hap- 
pily recovering. 

— Apropos of \'ice- President Manoel \'ic- 
toriiio's manifesto, he has received congrat- 
ulatory telegrams from Julio dc Castilhos iuui 
Borges de Medeiros. 

—There was a fight in Kua do Regente 
Saturday night between soldiersand the police 
patrol. The disturbance was provoked by a 
soldier of the 10th battalion, who was severely 

— Judge Gusmao Lima in his evidence allu- 
des to the alleged intention of the conspirators 
to kill Marctdl'ino after the death of President 
Prndeiite de I\Iorae.s and thus destroy all proof 
of their connection with the criminal. 

—It reported last week that to the iron- 
clad Aquidolhui, which luis been forced U, 
inas{|uerade under the psetidom'm of I'ln/if 
Quatm dc' -Vaio, its real name was to be restcM'- 
ed. We regret to learn that the report has 
been contradicted. 

—The military club of this city has placed 
its case in the hands of a lawyer, who will 
seek to have the orders for the closing of that 
club annulled bv some court, Tt is a curious surely- this seeking to defeat a military 
order by an appeal to a civil court ? 

— There has been a somewhat lower tempe- 
rature during the ])ast week, but no rain of 
consec|neiiec has fallen. The fever rate shows 
a slight incrciuse, but not enough to excite 
alarn'i. Should the hot weather, we may 
escape the threatened epidemic altogether, 

—According to the latest returns the voting 
in the rceeiit'presiflential election was ; 

h'or rnsiileiit— Campus Si lies 291 ,135 

],;uiro Sodri? 25,625 

Por Vice-rresidenl- Rn,.;a e Silca. . , , ■26$,2nh 
Fernando I.obo. 25,150 

— The suiirenie eounei! of the court of ap- 
peals has decided that it is incompeleiit to 
take action on the applicatinn made to it for [i 
writ of habeas-corpns in hivnr of Joaquim 
Preire and h'ortnn:ito r^k-deiros. and the case 
has coiisequentl) l>eeii carried to the supreme 

—It is asserted that the .struggle with Mar- 
cellino at the ar.seiial kisud only live minutes 
and that in so short a time it was materially 
impossible for him alone, under the circum- 
stances, to have infiicted three wounds on 
Marshal Hittcncourt and wounded three other 

—The evidence given before Judge Raja 
Gahaglia shows that on the stii of Niivember 
the cheering for the memory of Marshal l-'lor- 
iano Peixoto and for Vice-President Manoel 
Victorino and Gen, Barbo.sii contiiiueii even 
after the nim-dcr of Marshal Hittencourl had 
become known, 

— The /'ai~ is cngageil in e\]tosiiig the 
abuses recently committed under the cover of 
martial law, These abuses have a mild re- 
semblance to those whicli were committed 
with impunity under the goverinnent of 
Blarshal Ploriano Peixoto. It was undoidjledly 
that impunity that caused the repetition. 

—There is much complaint against the re- 
cent classification of n.aval otliei^rs. which 
indeed seems to have been cxpre.sNix' designed 
to create dis.sensioii in the iiavv. We have, 
however, loo niueh confidence in the disci- 
pline of this liranch of the military service to 
believe that any such result will be jtrodnccd. 

—On Wednesday the witness Antmiin dos 
Santos testified be'fore Judge Kaja Gah.iglia 
that threats and torture had been u.sed to 
make him sign a false deposition in the mur- 
der case of Mar.shal Bittencourt. He had 
been thrown into pri.son, he said, had been 
deprived of food on alternate days and had 
been threatened with 30 years' imprisonment. 

— Owing to the death of her father and 
through ]iressing family .'iffairs, Mrs,\\'agstafF, 
wife of Her Majesty's consnl-geuenil liere. 
left hurriedlv for I^n gland on the 1 ith, per 
Pacific steamer OraAa . She was thiTefore 
unabk- to take leave of her many friends here 
and in I'etropolis, and desires, ' through this 
channel, to ex])ress her thanks for the manv 
kindnesses received from them. 

—The jacobins have organizerl the follnwintr 
cabinet for Cani]>os Salles: - ]''in:nu-e, |iilio do 
Castilhos; War. Arthur {tsear ; justice ami 
Interior, Isiiloro >Iarlins; Industry, IMiirlinho; 
B'oreign .■\fTairs. Serzedello, Xo name is men- 
tioned in connection with tlie iiaw depart- 
ment ; but, as Carlos de Xoronha is Bai<l to 
have resigned his place at the head of the 
maritime chart bureau, it is not dillicnlt to 
conjecture who the future nnnisterof marine 
will be. But what will Jeronvmosav? Will 
this increase his claim against the' govern- 

—Some of our German friends complain of 
an item in our issue whicli refers to a 
reported assertion of the German Kinpcror 
that he would not permit the United States to 
annex Cuba. It ought not to be necessiry for 
us to assure them that we .have not the 
slightestintenlion of wounding their siLscepti- 
bilities. Outside of Gerinanv the sayings ami 
doings of the German iCmprnir are ciimmon 
property, and crilieisins and riiljeulc are heard 
in every part of the world. It is the mis- 
fortune of those who rule. If we laugh, or 
criticise with the others, our friends nnist not 
consider it a personal affront, and wc are sure 
they will not do so. Manv of our best 
friends, and most appreciative ones, are to be 
found in the Gennan colony, and we shall 
certainly not seek to offend them. 

— We cordially cmlorse the suggestion made I 
by a gentleman who writes to the press from 
Baependy in regard lo a thorough investigation 
of the coinphiiuts of violation of corres]ioii- 
deneeatthe post-office, Rome of the clerks 
in that estahlishineiit, especially those adiint- 
ted in the years 1X93 and 1.S91, seem lo be 
imbue.l with the belief thai Ihev have a jierfeet 
right to tamper with mail matter. It is iieecs- 
sary lo ex]>nrge t1u> ]iost ofrice of this demor- 
ali/.LMl /'(7'.V((//?/(7 that persists in maintaining 
pracliees wbieh are, as the liaependv gentle- 
man asserts, crimiiuil and disgraceful to the 
I ccmulry. lie .states tliai he is prepared to 
; sustain with the testimony of witnesses the 
eliin-ges ni.ide against the iKtst-ofnee, and we 
■ hnp,' thai the maltcr will not W allowed to 

til the 

I'il i 


— The lu-opHetor of Hotel Whyle, Sr. J, 
Alkaim, haying apjilied to the unnister of 
foreign alVairs for iii]donialic interyeiitioii in 
regard to his claim against the Chilian legation 
for damages because of the death of the Chili- 

i. Disallowed, rrocee<l for yourself. i- We must 
believe that the friends >•{ the deceased gen- 
Ucnian will not eare lo do less than what is 
just in the niatler. The prnprittor lias lost 

, he 

■lels, .\ ^ 
id Id-; fit 

I that he wasolTeivd ;i 
ennilted this, Some 

-f :isinnlar easoiii one 
.nu; in;in i'ell ill with . 

h .smalL 
l the houl ratlier 
ihan see his son tiikeii away lo the public 
small-pox liospital. He knew that the i^uesls 
wonid all leaye,and he eoul<l not justly expect 
the hotel-keeper t.i endure sueii a serious loss 
on hisson'saeeoniit, .-Ml the u'Uesis did leaye 
excel. I "!"•■■ but the loss then lell Upon the 
shouldeisof the person most .leeply interested. 
The gentleman who did this tn save hi- son 
from removal to a ho.-pital was a llra/ilian, 
and weare sure most llra/iliaiis will s,iy 
that lie did right. 


b'roui the <piartcrly report of the Dircctoria 
Gcral de Sande i'nblica we extract the follow- 
ing returns for iSyj, according to (|ii;irters : 

MiHnnRC- :,-., „.,., 0^1 (,;,s -iMi 

Siillliii-th.s .m.i ,^as J,(S 2(-io 1.1C16 

'^'■■'lu.s .-„(,,i;, 3.7SS ^~^fi 3>^'" n.^^^i 

Mr;i/,Uiaas,.. 1,717 3,i^7l 2,^26 3.669 '0,7^3 

Tnu.icATtoxs Ri-:ci-:ni-A^ 

P,o!,-ti»i Tiiinnisal of the general directory 
of public health ; report for the 4th (juarter of 
1S97, Wc give elsewhere extracts from the 

Chixsirin<(L}o dr Cirdilo: Cia. Uniao In- 
dustrial S. Sebasliao, in li(|nidalioii, A slate- 
nienl of the character of the i-laiins on the 
above comjiany by i\Ie.ssrs, J. H. I.owinles ^S; 
Co. The court of a]i])eals gave its decision in 
favor of's. J. H, Lowndes .V Co, on the 
7th inst. 


— Decree Ko. -',S;j, of the i.pli inst,, idters 
the schedule of eou.sular fees. 

— At Jahi'i. S. Paulo, the con,strnetion of n 
market building has been commenced. 

— In the vieiidty of Soeeorm. S. Paulo, the 
cro])s are reported' to be sulTeiing \ery niiieh 
from drouth. 

— The supreme court has diadded jiji.nnst 
the rescisioii of the judicial liquidalinii of the 
estate of Conde de Leopoldina. 

—The Bahia tobacco crop from Xov, : , 1.S96, 
to October 31. 1S97, w'as 33.764,225 kilos! 
wdiose official value was 22,4i8,559;fi4i. 

—Fifteen large pajier mills, ])riiicipallv 
locateiJ in the state of New York, have com- 
bined to form a trust, whiidi will he known as 
the International Paper Co. The capita! of 
the trust is 545,ocki,ihxj. 

— The newsboys who carry the morning 
papers out to the suburbs complain that on 
the morning of the tgth thev were compelled 
to pay 500 reis per package on the Central, 
besides their fares. Herelofore thev had naid 
their fares only. ' ' 

— The proprietors of the match factories 
here are complaining of the revenue stamps 
furnished them. They are pridted on jKior 
paper, are ungutnmed and are imt perforated. 
The work of cutting, gnmuiing and then alfix- 
iug them to so great a nmiiber i.f buxts, con- 

, stitutes a very important addition to the cost 
j of the article. 

— It appears to ns that a bonded warcliouHt 
scheme for this ca]dtal, similar to wdiat lias 
been organiKcdin Venezuela, amid be made 
of much to business men. It would help 
to save the heavv wareluuis;> ch;irges imposed 
in the cu.stomdio'use, an<l it wimld be of n.ssis- 
tauce to .small merchants bv permitting tlieui 
to withilraw a ])art of their 'goods at a time. 

— The Red Cross Line steamer C'rani^^rnsr, 
from ]\Ianaos and Para, Brazil, which left 
I'ara I'ehruarv.i and arrived allhisport on Ihe 
17th inst,, brought, it is claimed, the 
cargo of rubber which ever entered this (lort 
from Brazil, being S55 tons ami valued .at abnut 
J[, 500, 000, The yes.scl was consigned to .miip- 
lon Green.— .V, )'. /oanial of Ooiimrnr, 
Feb, 19. 

— .Mtention haslieen called to the i-royiMn, is 
of the last budget law, which provides lor a 
mixed commission to settle eer[,iin disputes in 
the enstom-house, The law distinetlv slat, s 
that this eoinmissioiishal! not.mlyh.iye [.->wvr 
to revise the .samples of merclian.lis-.', hul aP.. 
to decide disputes over clasMlicUions, This 
last-mentioned i>ower is 11, .w .lispiiled, and Hie 
custom-house ring is trying to reduce ibe cum. 
mission to a state of incapacity, 

— TheCmninnhiadeTeeelagvmSnila Lu/ia 
mannfactnrei! lis! vear .li)i,V-)l bags atal S^S,- 
oo.S metres of hanging. In Ibcsix vears and 
three months of its existence up to the ',isl. nf 
liist Deeember, it manuf lelnved J, ■,.?o,7.;f. ivi-s 
aud,].ii7i,sS-, melresnf ba!;-iiij.. ^41 hi- .-, v^'^.- 
7oh b.aijs and .1,971 ,5s-, ineUvs ' . if biL:i;iii-, |,,r 
which il riceieed ihesnnn.f v^77,'.J7>). > v II 
importe.l dnriiig !hisp,.riiMi 5,3()j balesnt juh', 
which cost 2,.'i.'., |j|<o.|'i, li^ 11,1 pr..(il l.i^i ve.o- 
was l3i,o45?'i-l3^ 'iiid i.n l>ee, \\ Ibere was ,1 
bahinee of 207,95 iCnhi in il-. tivnr al ibo 
Banco da Repnbliea. lis l..l,d :i-^els at ibal 
dateamoniiled to 7:,^, jS^vo^j and ils liabJHhvs 
lo i66,(J9iJiii5, Tin.' of the enmpan\' is 

— A nieeli)ig of Ihe li..bleis ..f eL'rlilieat.s ,,f 
the conmiittce of nf the I' 
bneo Water Cnipanv was held vcslerdav, at 
Winchester House, (ild liriLulstreel.- -?.Ir k 
H. C, Harris.)!., wb.> presi.led, s'lid thai since meeliii;;, in June, 1S95. ,„i agreement 
was made wilh the company in reg.ird to i!i,_- 
two vears overdue interesi. Since then the 
interest had been paid in full up toaiul includ- 
ing the Jannarv, iSyj, cnpon, after wldeii 
date the amount reniitle.l o)i behalf of the 
bondholders had been very small, being barelv 
euongh lo pav 2 perceiil,, instead of the full 
6percenl. on the whole <.f the bonds and 
eerti fie, lies, Manv re.isons were given by the 
managing ilireclor, for the inability of the 
eouipaiiv to pav more than 2 per cent,, an.i 
great was laid upon the severe f.ill in 
exchange, which had droppeii ne;irly 50 piT 
eeiil, since the agreement was eiitere.i iiil... 
The committee wished t.> send luit a repres'-u 
talive to Pernambneo to look into matters, 
especially into the cpicstion of the collecti..n 
of water rates, and Ihe po.ssibilitv .if oblaining 
a further in the price of w.iter. Tb^ 
conip,aii\-'s agenls, Messrs, Kn.iwles ami i'ns- 
ter, under received frnm the eoni- 
]>any, were now in-eivired to Inunl over to the 
committee a sum sntlicient to pay 2 per cent, 
on account of the jntv, i,S97, coupon, on the 
first and seeoml mortgage bonds, provided tlie 
bon.hinldersalsoagiveri to a i.avmciit being 
made of 2 per cent, on the "A," "B." aiai "C" 
certilieates issued under the agieement of 
Deeember -„ 1.S95. The eonmiiltee w,as strong- 
ly of opinion tbid this offer should be aecep;- 
ed, as it would be onlv a payment on aceoniii, 
and wnuld in no wav j.reiudie,- tlu'ir efiini f..r 
Hie balance ot ovniue inlere-t \ tlrr .>uiie 
discussion, Ihe proposal ,v,,s luiammMU-l v 
agree.! to, ami Hie u.p,.it and aeounis -ub" 
nutted liy thecoimnittee were passed.— /■■/'«.;«- 
Cull Navx, Feb. 24. 

FiNANci.Ai. Notes 

-Tin- /In-- says thai tlic AmKoiias was 
s"l,lfiir /2<j,|a>.i and lln' Aliaimule .■Umi 
l.x <2l,-,a««i. Thr lunrnv, k slalra. lias h.-i>ii 
pai.l into llu> llra/ilian tivasiarv a'Tiu'v at 
la.ialnM. ■ " ■ 

It is il|,nrl,,l [l,al ih,. ,,l,,u- t^nviTlliarm 
"I ^. .-Mtin. ts i:>aii- In „Mk,. a)u,ih,.r iss,, ' 

iJ i.J .aaitsi. It isa<„il,tl,-ss that llif 
piiltllc will buy llu-se bomls as clirigsiliL'.s. 


A'/,. ,/,-/„»<■,.„, M,i,c/i ifil, iSgH 

I'nr .-aiiK. <.f ll.e llm/iliiui i.,ilr.^is ( if«xj), 


.lo .>i til.- llr,./lliaii 1 


1 ij-xxil 
I'" £ 

t nni/.iliroi K.)l(i. ij^.': cts 


.>( C 1 Mk. ill llrii/iliau Kukl,,.. 

t> J«>u 

lliuik r 


6 '■* il. 



value of tlic Idii/.iliau mil reis 




value of tlie UraziUaii mil rei* 

2ii rs, jjol.1 


ill U, M. coin at f4.So per £ 
'f ![.«. ((4.80 per £ 1. sir. in 



Brazilian ctirreiicy (paper. 

f £ I str^rliuK „ ., 

^,4,a4A^^'",y*fA^rf^J-^tfi^W"' Vr*'' .■■■f^in!if*TrS^«''''* f-t 

'.rt^Hlf^ij;'! \i?' Jffft^fe^'^^ ™i^^«*«»^-^if.i^^s*l"?^^P^^W^^^^^ 

[March 22nd, 1898 


Mnrcli IS, "The oiricial rule of 6 iR t! on I-onrtoii was 
sundily '""*"'» t''«i ''"nuK lUc ti«y. Uioi.kIi triiiis- 
nrlious nt (■ 7\i' *^crc si.ukeii f>f .. AL the closf of the 
dnv tlio rate wnw cousufcred At 11r- i.pi-iuiij; 
of business piivnte pnper wa.-i ofTered iit f--)\M<\ but 
Uic L-oiiililitiis siiiiiilnifd were ii'it mvcpljihle lu Uw 
linnlis llic latter veliisiiiK to purcluisv hel.iw the 
ofriciul vHlc "f "i M"^. At midilay tliei;(^ were 
liuvei's .'It (> yil^. Tlierf wus iiii m-'livi; l>iisiiii:s.s 
(tiiniiK 11"^ '•■'.V between tlic ejilreiiu-s nf o 'i iiiul 
r,6iiv d hniik iiniier, iitid tlif siiiiic riiti-s tor iiiher 
iwiier. The officiiil rates cuiiipuri;<S \vith llic siimc 
(liile of liist j-fiir wcri,-; 

I.oinlnii, ijodis f> h 7 I?!"'' 

rari5,i)er franc. 90 tliP if^A ij.^^i 

llnnilnir. p. mark, wdis li-'^'^i if-i^.i 

Hilly, 1). lira, ,i(l|fi ij^^i ifuxi 

NcivYorkp, (lollHr 7^»y 6f,u-'i 

jiiiirch ifi.~At the npRiiiiiK lif llif day tlie l-reiifli 

]hu\ii pnsiril 'iTr^-'l; "II l.'"i'i"i>. Ihr oih,,- tMiits 
liiiiiuliUlUilKMIld., but biU<-. ..itt-.vo l;i,i:h.b kniks 

iidoptiMlllic furiiuM- rale, Uie.i'ibi^i^ i„.niii:>iiu„.;^ ibt 



Jilarcli 17 -I 
freely oITlt 


illicr liiiper were ronli/cd illb t.iii. UUer iti the 
iiarket weakened. Uit 1.. & R. I'- Hank <lra«nij; n\ 
,iiinll siiin-: aL its oflieinl rate. I.nter on Ihe rati: lell 
06 qirt, other jiaper beiiiK cuiiteii at 6 :iii Hsii;.;. 
nie\-lTort to effect hiK-iness for fiiinre niomlis was 
:ontiiiiied to-day. hut witbmit success, 

irch is ~ Till' i''reuch and l.oudoii nnil Urai-.ilinii 
llntiksc'.iii.m'd wiib (. 51.W d. on l.oiidiiti, Ibe otbfr 
'orcmii i)aiiks p<'>.tiili: 6 3116, I,nlt;r on llie tleiiiinii 
|li,ow\vilhd..-w t:iat rate, and ti.e Kntilish hanks 
kI.mU'hI '1 '^ d Hatik pniipr for k'iriliiuatc hiisiiiess 
ivere tobrMhUuuiii in tlie moniiiiK <lt 



lapcr . 



March m — Tbc oiieiiiiiK rale of 6 li d. on London n-ns 
snsVained (lnri-i« tlu- Jav bv tlie I'rewdi !, S K. 
]■. Hanks. Ibi-lVeniiaii llaiil: retiring later 011. and 
llie lirilisKandl„& »- Hunks l).islin«A liri. il- Tbrn- 
wns n Kfiiera! di-«inc!inntioii la draw mid the trans- 
actions rciilized were iiisisnificniit. I.ate mtlu-diiy 
sellers aitiieiircd and the ninrkcl heciiinc (inner, 
the I,, d R. I', drnwiiiK at 6 \i for le«ilimnle iiiirpo.'^- 
is am! the other banks nt 6 ,niJ- Al the close of 
hnsincs.s other paper was {piotcd nt 6!-i tofi ?l.i; d.. 
hilt vvithoui buvcrs at the lower mtc. A rcEiilar 
uiuomit ofhiisiiiess was efTceted at the c.xlrciues r>f 

■■alue of 1 

nil It; 

SiileH of Stocks mill Slnires. 
Mahcii 15. 

It) A polices, ,ss 7qiJ.iM 

■fW ilo S" T't" 

1 do 7R0 

J<) (io J* ')^ 

75 do 1395 760 

14 do 757 

if. do 7« 

-KW do 1,^97 '100 


90 Rci)nhlica !4o!ixX) 

30 do ijy 

loo S. Cbrislovflo, tram. i55l«>o 

100 Mel horn me II tos no Ilraiil ro 

100 do 19 S"' 

aoo do 19 

M.*RClt ifi, 

40 Apolice.s. 5s 79ifc<« 

i,S do 7>?o 

4 do 4S 990 

^i) dell. LeoiKildiiin K.K., looj 9 600 

6-S do 9 


4^ Repuhlicfl 1,19*500 

yw do 140 

70 Rviral c Ilypothecario is im 


fW LcopoldinaR. R 7500 

500 Minas de S. Jeronymo ^ 500 

ya Jlelliornnieiilo.s no llraiil, 20 

100 l.oterias Nncionaes ,19 

March 17. 

40 Apoliccs, 5S y-filooo 

4,8ooJ do atrateof 750 

66 do 4N 990 

19 do iSg.'i - 757 

^o do 1897.,... - S9" 

3S Knipreiitirao Municipal 15^ 

1» deh, Sorocnbatia R. R 5.^ 

lou " E.eopoldina R. K., loof ■ - 9 75o 

600 dr.' 'I 500 

45 „ /,y,-ra/do Co»tm^rao i?S 

50 h. n. CrcditoRealdoIlraitil 3.1 

Ha nil 

33 Republtcft . . '40 

15 do '4' 

1150 do ■ 1+' -ioo 

300 I,eopoldtim R R 

30O Minas de ^ Jero^^^^o 1 

100 S Chn-stoiao, tram. . "i 

13 Jnrdlm Botaiilco tram . i«J 

as Csrioea, mill . - .■ '^"^ 

3D0 TaUcrsall Moreaux .-- 3° 


^•^ A polices. 5s 790J000 

inot do at rate of 75° 

K,S do is.,s 75T 

(>o l^iiipresliino MiinicipaL tyi 

4 Coniinercio m 

;(. do i4o"/,,pd.l So 

:,i Repiihlk-a !,lo 

1^ do , Ml 5*' 

» do i.ti 

17 Rural e llyi>ollietario J-\(< 


50 Oesfcde Minas K.U,, ij; f-i ''/..) 7 SO" 

45 Jnrdiai llolniiico, tram 103 

1000 Constnicgfics Urbnna.s i 500 

300 Melhornnieiilos no firazil ,. w 500 

M.^HCii ig. 

;; A pol ices. ?,s 790*000 

saij do at rate of 770 

i do 1895 757 

31) do 1S.S9 1.500 

,16.] Hiuprestimo Mnniciiial 15,1 

50 dch. Leopoldiiin R. R. loof 9 5°° 

I y^ '• Sorocabann R. R , , 5J 

10.- h. 11, Credito Real .In Urai'.it A3 


iw liypotliecnrio 41 

IHl tlo .10 

30 N'adoiial .., 67 

nw Repnhlica -•• uo ?00 

»i do 14" 

^25 do 139 S*' 


1.1(1 S. Christovilo, tram I5,S 

,SSo Melhorainenlosiiollra/il 2! 

March it 

a Apolii'es. ,ss 7gojoao 

do '. 7S4 


14 it lie 

KIS \ 

ir<.s 1 r str 1/ 1' c 

15 \Vv> 

r I'l 

St llr str Ii^iiiHi 
tt 1 I str lh-lm,^il 



e SiiTidi\ sltamtr 

Receipts for the pisl wtik were S Sii bag'- Tgaiiisl |,j|. „ ,1,,^ 

)a,N3! haws for tb( jire^iding wci-k niid -sm bigs I p,,^), _k 

:nr the wetk before j siiv.'itl\ il 

Brokers' (|iirjtatii.iis iLcordiiiRto ^eu \otk tj pes , j;,,, 

iiid pernrrobii, vveie the lollowmt; | ''' ' 

■\nr u "^tar 19 1 I' ' 

7.... II fino — n^'vVl !I |00 — ' \„ 

i CuflCi'^h —Receipts nil and we hi\e no cliniiEes to 

I rep irt from our hist ihe market mm be coiisiOLred 

71'' qnict witii priLts as last (iiiotLti \\/ (raspc tubs nt 

^\,c I -.ojfvj" llahlnv lUiinin il aao ^orweJ,l 111 uises sf'fno"— 


j Jiflrri — lbert ha\ e beiii no receipts and priLfls 

"^ jn\c idMUited Jiir Hlevt ipn tnlions bf-m^r <|P — i.-m 

Ih fnr \ uiid ijsi )--i<;')uo pei kiloyriinme 

hi en 


ed this 

filnck in all 
he ,;r,S,tmr. h.iss. 

The Santos marktl \vns active dnrinj, thi w 
snk.'j bi-iii« iiiuL-h laiRer tlnn nt Rio Ihe 
for til L- iii.nitli up to toda\ niL reiiuttc I i- 
bans, against «a,7i40 in tht same period of 1 < 
'[■lie slock on hand is estimated ai --oi 3-0 Ings 

'fijit', iiii<t'<hiiimeii 
lilo lie Jsintlrt 

W htU Ptuc -No r 
I chm-d scimwbat our 
,11s to per dot 

'spruce P\ue -1 hf 

'■ '"^ '"sna'/.'sll T'lue^M 
-^eipt'- luiinl 
in ht rosi u< 

Til ri>i I 
nil\ uKcd 
I lvd,|,..mi 

I icporitii present qnotntioj 
;eipt- riic Jiiirkel Ins d. 

1 do 

,7W* do 

.5 do 


7W1 I 



.S do rcjtist fe? 


;5 Coiiimerciai lo^Jixxi 

50 do ::'-"- 

50 Commereio ^-i 

IPO Constructor : 000 

joo do 2s 7 150 

bs Credito Rural e Internncional 9 

300 Nncional 67 

50 Rcpnhlien 13S 500 

,W do IV) 

ISO Allianva, mill igo 

35 Kidclidadc, insce 70 

39 deb, l.copoldina K. R. »of 95 

10 . Jarnal Uo Comm^rcw 15-S 


SfllflS. dll If .1, 

Ilnnco Coiiitiiercioe Iiidnstria 290^000 :'7^t<,'co 

Mcrcnniil dc Santos. 

,, S. Paulo ui 000 lis 1)0(1 

Uiiiftode S. Paiilo iTDf) 30000 37 [».to 

Ci». Agnn e I,ni 95000 So ooo 

„ tlnzde S. Pnnlo 400 (<>o 

„ I.nplou .» 000 

,, Mogyniia (all paid) 337000 ;.'9 .«> 

„ idem (40%) 104 ovx) 

,. J'aiilista 246 000 .',|J uoo 

Oiitii'Jr Siilfi. 

xo Cia MoHynnn lall paidl 3,w) ix-) 

us idem idiiring Holsa hours) ., i_;o 000 

Si Cia. I'aidista J45 000 

1 per 

note lliere 
1 11 ■\merKHii 
ue rites our 

List aLLordint; 

uolitioa btoiK 

shave sbirpU- 
tsmj— jix)o per 

>. lh.,,„U.,. 

icported firm 

nt Tiid prices 
nid lySoDi — 

r..qnutins Kutr 

till lunhffrde- 
llle U stVu)_ 


Co.'il.— The receipts. 

^i * S * ? s i « 

i i!="5f 



Coffee— The demand during the week has hecn 
steady, nolwilhstandiiig the decline in prices in Xcw 
York, and the decline in c.vchange here, fwlh operat- 
ing against the producers. In addition to these, prices 
have Homewhat weakened. The shipments have been 
principally for Hccownt of American roasters. 

The sales reported from day to day oRgregate aiiont 
46,000 tiags, llioagh the total for the week is cstiniflted 
by some uC 4;„i>oo bsKS, Compared with 78,000 bufis 
receipts and 61, coo bags shipnieuls, the ailnalionis 
certainly appears disheartening. The further fall 
ill New York prices, the cable quotiiif 5 'j tents for 
No. jonSatnrday, seeiiisio IiaveaiTectcd ihc excbaiiKi- 
market as well as thai of coffee, and the continued 
large receipts will undonl>ledly defeat every effort to 
resist the decline. 
The shipments since oiir last retort havel>een : 
17 i/i^ bags for tlie I'liited Slates 
17,46" .. .. Kiirope 

J, 000 I, „ Cape of Cood Hope 

4.W7 . .. Ki^er Pldle el. 

S-,345 .. ■. Co,i!.t«iHe 

61,771 hags. 
riic vessels sailed with coffee are 

CttiM SUUi bazs 

Mar n New York Br str Ho.hein 3sm4 

Eur opt ■ 

Mar. 16 Trieste Aust str Niici /jijoj 44" 

16 Bordeaux Vt str Li'idillicie . J 'iio 

s per Co.ono. from CardiiT 
Baldfilou, do 

Atah, do. 

II HI. —The last ipiolalinus are : 

Pernamhiieo and Macei6. . 2M5wv)— 3:ojoco 

Bahia and Arncajil vti ooo~t;o otm 

Campos 311 000—540 000 

Anera and Paraty ^i" tsx)— 350 000 

Parahyba 22^ 000—250 000 

.Mcohol of y 


415— 4Kt 

Shipping ]\Tfavs. 


.-ifA RCfl If. 
CAKi.iKr-.BrlUKr,v"^.;^Sst'ms Malgraf; 44 ds: coat 
to helmiro, RodriRiies i Co, 

.IMA-. IS. 
MOXTKVIDKO-Dan bk li\il^ifo.r: ,14^ tons; Ni.ssen; 
24 ds; sundries to Cabial, Bclchior it Co. 

MAk\ /S. 
CardM'I'— Br luR F">'-s! AV^.c; 1531 tons; l.e Blanc: 
51) ds: coal to Belmito, Rodngncs & Co. 

,1MA'. -f). 
BAi,TlMORF.-Br hk Snriiy. T125 tons; Reid; 24 d.s; 
sundries to Levering; Si Co, 

7hi ports. 

The fall in exchange during ihe week has 
somewhat inflneuccd prices, thouRh not to the extent 
that tuiKht be expected. In .some there has 
been a decline in price in addition to the fall ia ex- 
obiinge. and inolhers the advance has not been .Mif- 
ficienl to cover the decline in exchange. i)n the 
whole prices have been well maintained and the 
market fairly active, notably in Hour. 

Dour.— Receipts iluring the week have been : 
n,-sl-'i>i\ from the River Plate, i.soo bags 75a brl.s. 

j trti/fi/i'^: do i.fco • Soo » 


S'F.W Orleans- 

AfA/!. /.'. 

iVAM. 10. 
MOHIT-B— Rus Ing Fn'l: (7ii.^lav\ 32: to 

MAR. ». 
Phii-AHelvhia— AtiKT bk Edmund Ffii 
Yo,ing; copt.)er. 

Vesseln Anont & Chartered for Rio 



:l Baltin 

The arrivals have considerably exceeded consnm))- 

tiun during the past week and there ha* l)een an 

increase in slock, principally in American brands. 

The market iscorsiden'd strong, and prices are firm, 

! and will follow the movements of exchange. There 

; has been an advance of tS-^'oo -ifoou per Ijarrel due to 

! this, and present indications of lower exchange 

I promise a further advance during the current week. 

The -slocks are now estimated nt ,(j,oco hrls.. of which 

I nxxw American and fioo.^ River flate are in lirsl 

I hands The sales during the pa^.t wefk «ere looo 

brl-. and la-st (piot.itions furnishe 1 were the tol- 



j A iigfla Schia^no Marseilles 

I Adftina Oimrto 

' Altioli 0? Carditr 

Amfi-ka Oporto 

A>-<;fH(ina at I.amlash 

Anli.^ua SatilU 

AHtioch Portland 

A iftb usa Ran goon 

Bellfvuf I'en.sacola 

Bfllanci Cardiff 

MUnheim Lisbon 

Rtinila Cardiff 

Bl«P Star (sin - New-pert 

Can-ie I. Smi/h Atidrossan 

Chudiaa Oporto 

Cfiarlrs Dicifiil.. 

Cam hi 

I (str) 

Tneste .. . . 

Richmond I St 

do 2nd 

Baltimore tst 

do 2nd 

Westeru and I 

River Plate 

Local MilU 

Err da 
ait ml 

tah Blanchard 











Sabine Pass 




Liv erpool 

i.s Feb. 
9 Feb. 
to Feb. 

to Feb. 
9 Feb. 

9 Feb. 

1 Feb. 
7 Feb. 
7 Feb 
15 Feb. 


India Whip Islaiul 

Joaanim Hamburg' 

Julius Palm Hniuswick 

Julia Rollins lialtiiuure 

J. H. Mc Larfu '■'^'^^n";'^' , 

Jo/ian Irgfus Mi'l' l^^'ii'"' 

Kdveidale '^t-w "(urk 

Hiiie Ceinic rnscagoula 

A-iirn (str) Riuisooii 

Louis Hambui-c 

Landskroua Iv e w ^ ork 

LoftlU'S PeiisncoUi 

I.eonor liiiinhuiB 

Afai-ihosit OporLo 

^fabil liniiiswirk 

Marabout lei.sacola 

Miituura Pensacola 

Nellir. M. Slade ^■'^";,^ " , 

Norma^'ilv ■ rortliiiid 

.\ovo Ud'e'.'.'.'.'.'.!. .'. I'";'"' 

Occidait ■,."'T';t'' 

Oceana t^^'rthff 

PriMt Alber! tnrdiil 

Pass of Braudcr Aiilyerp 

Philadelpl>iii V. ,'■ n- 

Fiincf Alhni CanUll 

Ramoua llnm"lmr\. 

Rrsi ' '""' '""^S 

1^"'"' :;::: :;S^.ios 

3duvand,n:::.:.:::.: Srf"^ 

Sleyli,,g v,M, vnrk 

Sidoriiau Mviiu^ci 

Sofi/ua ';'"" , 

Thomas Hilmi-d Uverpogl 

Tuskar...^. CimHir 

Thekh V-f . 

yareiro Oporto 

Voar:vaarls HiinimirR 

WilMm Auio'n .'.'.' l'^"}-'"^^"''' , 

Z. Ring S''»P I'^l""'! 

ArrivHls »f foreiSn steamers. 


[March 22nd, 1898 

3 Vth. 
29 Jan. 

ForeiUti aailiu^ vessels in the port of Hiit dc Jttnelri 
Miiroh toth. tStjS. 

uiOravia lir. 
islualdestoti Br. 

15 Cordillere Kr. 

16 Atata Ilr. 

17! Argentina Ger. 

17 Capua Ger. 

17 Soulhcarlli Br. 

18 ll)o Port. 

i8 Heimburg Ger. 

19 Rosse Br. 

ig Corrieiites Ger. 
19 Matteo BrnzKO Ital. 
19 Derroinore Hv. 

19 City of LicolH lir. 

20 I,asel! lir. 
20 Nile Ur. 

30 I.ts Andes Fr. 

Bordeaux i; ds, 

^.verpool ly ds. 
Cardiff 25 ds, 
Rangoon 46 ds. 




Bordeaux 23 ds 

CardilT 25 ds. 

llainbnrg 12 

Rosario 16 ds. 
Santos 1 d. 
Montevideo 6 dfi. 
Santos Ji liH 
London* 28 (is. 
Hambnrg* 23 da. 
Genoa* 26 ds. 
CardilT 24 da. 
Buenos Aires' 5 d.f. 
Liverpool* 26 d.'^. 
Soutliaiiipton* 16 ds. 
Jlarseilles* 23 ds. 


ortou. Megaw * Co, 
Chargeiirs Rfiiuus. 
Kdw. Jobnston & Co. 

Quayle, Davidson .-i: Ct 
Edw. Johnstou ,^ Co, 
J. A. G. Hantos & Co. 
ITeruianu Slolt/ .v Co. 
Norton, Megnvv .v C, 
Johnston iV Co. 

; Co, 

I,a Veloc 
Norton. Megaw 

Norton IMegaw Si Co. 
Royal Mail. 
Karl Valais & Co, 

r5 ;-. 

Ligmna Br. 

Portngal Fr. 

Bellardeu Br. 

Cordillere Fr. 
.^ Nagy Lajos 
i6Tucnnian Ger. 

17 Argentine Ger, 

18 Heuuburg Ger. 

19 Amazoiias Ger, 
19 Galileo Br. 

19 Matteo Bruzzolta 

20 Minas Ital. 

20 Corrieutcs Ger, 

IukM.H, T 

s]> Macedoii 

sp Canada 

bk R. S. llesnard,. 

Ilk Artisan 

sp Monrovia 

bk AVdO.T 

bk Isle of l-:rin,.,. 
lug Haltie Mav,... 
buj. C. Ilanik-njr 
bkN, B. Morris..,, 

bk Zadok 


hg Jnliii Roberts.. 

sp Knbv 

H'lt-i.- ■!■ 

lug Cosmo , . 

sp Forest King — 

bk WaletfoK..,, 



River Plate 






New York 

River Plate. 

l)k Zelim 

A'onirf: ill ii 


bk l-aerdcr 

hk Ad. 'riedeinatid,, 
bk Crovn Prince... 
sp l-Til/. iieuter 


bk Rhen 

nbinc Pass. 


eiv York.. 

'ciisacolR ,, 




New York.. 
New York,. 
Uainbiirg. .. 


■l-o order. 

To order 
To order 
'['o order 

BrftKiliaii Coal Co. 
iv Olt & Co. 
Norton, Megnw 14 Co. 
V. W, Giiiinarncs.t C. 


i- Co. 

J Hlytli,, 

loola . 


I., ,\. .M:(i;alti[^o,'.S: IM. 

I'i>n;i/ S.ihriiiHottCo, 

linuilian Coal Co, 



nal, llcU-hior A Ci 

i-o") Feb. IS Glasgow.. 

fiy'J, ^ipeH'acola' 

'y^o' J.S Cnidiff . 

1J-. Mar. :, I'easaeola 

j;K I'eli. If- I 

S91 Feb, if^ CardilT.. 


102, Rua do Riaclmelo, 104 





Beer iii barrels & bottled 


L. E. Chatenay, !-'roi>i'i<--i'-"-'^- 

nuinufiMjuiret-s of 
MI.MiliAI. WATIilfii, 

Soda Water. 

Qtiiiiiiie Tonic. 
Ginger Ale. 


Fruit Cliampaunos, 
Seltzer Water 

Gas Waters. 

elc, etc. 
TJic wntRi- used is Donbly Fi 
Bverylhintl i« aLrictly snim-Hiueed. 

The CiuHlity of the wniei- is [jiiiii-ii 

equiil lu ihoBo imported froin Euj-cipf 

Every desyriptlon of niinoivil wntoi 

be supplied. 

Orders received jit the ofrioe. lO-i H 

d, 1 



Veiga Pinto .V Co. 

Uloiii,, Silva S C 


Last Quotations of Stocks and Bonds - March 21st 


11 ^^..'ioo 


Fa. i7, 
i^ct. 65.000,000 

Public Funds 

Stock s^/o curreucy [afiohct].. 

Bonds of 1S95 

Stock ,i'7.) (gold), converted . 

Gold I,oaii, 1S6H, 6"/,, 

. 1 % "h 


do iH.Sy, 4"/(ii 

7SKj^>o— 7i)ofooo 


Nacioual Ura/ileiro .. 
Repnblica do Uracil.. 
Rural e Hypotliecarii 

- Jan. qS 

- Jan. qh 

- Jan. 9S 

^- Jan. 9B 
:>o- jail, 98 
so- Jan. 97 

Caravellas a Aynr 



Oeste de Minas . 


iatisa Industrial 

D. Izahel 

Industrial Jtineira 

Manuiactora Fluminense. . 


S. Pedro de Alcantara — 
Sauta 1,'jiza... 

- Sept, 

- hell. 

- jal 


- Jan," S"H 

~ Feb. 9^ 

- Mar. 06 



(Brama Brewery) 

i^io IDIB;e;i:r,o. 


Telephone No. 10.063 

FrancisKaner RraU 

Beer in btircola (Hhoppe} miuI b.mled. 

Miiki's ;, s|iTOialily i.r |ia,-l<inj In i:,m-s con 
liiinilii; I .luzrii holtl.-s. rciidy (..r shipmrnl Itt 
Ih... iiili'L-iur. 



». fiiulo 


Imporiers antl Coiiimissioii Ageuts. 

■MAC- S./'" 




Do i-cli,l,fnn. [Jilaii^.i-Caliiai 

NOVO MAM'A do ivstado dc ; 
dflido i> Sill do Miiia> <.:<■ 

■lor.RAPHIA TANCKl-:i>n, 

I.ivros e.^o.larc'-. ,i ^e,lLla na 

Livniria Classica de ALVES & C, 



Rua de S. Bento, N 



f=i,t«.i, H.I., rm\ „»,p,, j„d „,„iy „„, E„jii,t 


Caiia O, Sfio Paulo. 


Mardi 22ik1, 18')?.] 




ARP & Co- 




Sole Agents of the most celebi'tUed bicycles 
ol' the world. 

HUMBER, Beeston 


HiirKoril, Conn. 

mmm. Berlin. 

Il is usrli'ss to prot'laiiii tlir merits of tlie above machines, 
whose i«'i-l'ectioiis are known all over the worlel and are 
rivaieil liv no other makes. 

P. O. Box, 874. 



UK) 1)11 jAyniiio. 




* FOOD ^ 



MELLIN'S FOOD >s <>r llu- l.iKhosl valiu- r.r Ihc weak and hii-kly as uvll as 
fur Ihe stmiij,' and vigorous, 
i.h't lor list- 111 all Chiiial.'S, ami for of all rac.'S. and 


h,. uhlaim.d of all I IraliTs ihiun.irli.ial Hk- World 


Agents: ,I/r,s>v,s-. CU.I^iJlLE Y .S- Co. 



Scicntificallv constructed of the licst liicydc material h\ 
the most skilled bic\-cle niech.'inics in the finest equipped 
bicycle factory in the -workl, Monarehs run eas)', ride eas}- 
give the most comfort with the least exertion. 

A Monarch ritier's mind is easy and untlisturiied. lie 
has no apoloo-ies to make for his wheel. Me rides a thor- 
oughbred, the Kino' of Hicycles, lie has the satisfaction 
pleasure and pride in knowiiio that his mount is standard 
and universallv reco;4"nized as the eliina.\ of perfection in 
cycle manufacture. He reels safe backed up by the Monarch 

Be safe — lie satisticil — ride a Monarch and keep in 

Monarch Cycle Mfg. Co., 

Chicago. IT- S. A. 

A/. A/. /C/AO cV- Co. 

RUA DA ALFANDEGA No. 7 7 A— 7 9 


"mountain DE\\r" Iv 


ROBERTS M s ! \Dh} S^M t Cn., L'd. 

Mtial-lUiili.'l Ituhhrv T'ji,.- 
"■I l"il'iit ■■Air l'l-SJ//i,x- .srAMj:s. 

S. T. LONGSTRETH,' .uid w.).-k,s : io. Travels:, -.i,, Ouvidor, 

pt-cinl iiueiUioii jiivcii to lni,(e 
iijis ilnidL-Tiiiuk.s) iiiul Unn<: tyiJt; tor 
■king oofTee bags. 
Business Signs Engraved 

Champagne Piper Heidsick 


Uilrlr Bl,iNC/,c. 



are those manufactured by the 

Babcock Printing Press Ma n u faciu ri n g Co. 

No. 79 Rua Sete de Setembro 

BiGijG Bs of tk daij 

( Li:VKI.AM) 


.ia" b 


>■ Dr. Ernn.u F.ut'o w itli'TintLTre ol' Ne- 
VH mid of Uie-;^'. 22 , .rushes were com- 
y i;iired, and tlie rt-mnmino loui- bo- 

\M:sri ii.Li) 



i.l sursieon Dr. H 
Anij.rHofMr. Ai 





■■>-:-L-i by llies^e d' 
with Ihe Tintiire 



in order to facilitate The use ol" this rnedi- 

Rir* nF" lAIUITIDri i-itie » pnope^tuia H(;c.(ni|)i.]u<3a esoh bottle 
lO yt. JAH tlKO. written in the For!i.uinaf*e. English and 
pTLTiuh JHnguaoet*. 
" "' " "~ ~— - . . , j,j [3 -j-jjg Neciandrij AmnrH piila wre Tor- 

^ . . ni"l«lcd with the -snme doses, uf the Np- 

-*> Vni^ , A^i I'tsiiidrH. in order thm they in»y be sent bv 

-•.♦Ctl*" -#>^ >f A/>» *^ c P-tHUov-er the world with the least pos. 

vMSHtWA^a^JSiu^ r.';,^;h:;;'\i;oYd-nd;i;.rni>\!Tht7et^;s:-^ 

profl nancy. 

Tiie Oldest Brand Shipped (rora Scotland 




:■.,.,,: .■i^.^io by registered |,.>s.t u.nny p«rt 
ol br.izil, or abroad lor The >^niHU ^urri of 
ESaOO per box. l2$eOO lur 6 and 20S8CW for 

SLATER, ROGER A Co.. Limited 
Proprietors -GLASGOW, 

Sol-- .A-ent — C. N. Lefebvre. 

43, Ilua iJa CiimifUria, 

AUDHESS: Jiiaiiuim Bucno de Mirnnda. 


J St fJoor 

Rio de .Un-iro. ■ Rio de Janeiro. BRAZIL. 




Geo, R, Penlon. Frank H. Nonoi) 


Thomas Norton & Co. 

ShiD Brokers and Commission Merchants. 
Old regular Line S.iiling Packets to 


104, Wail Street. 




aoi-eniMeiifx for nirnjiixj Ihf mailA. 


Jlai'ihi- Hahiii, Pe.niiiiilinco, Lisbon. Vi; 
leiia I Clitrboiirnaiid .Soulluiiiipioii, 

This Conipiiuv will linvc steamers frciiu ami t' 
EiikIsikI til ice times n liioiUli. 

liiMiraiice on freiKlit shipped on tliese stt-auLer-i i,-:ii 
be taken out at tlie Agency, , . , ,. , 

Fur freight, paa-Siiges inid other iiiloniintiou appii 
tn No. 3, Rua Genera! Camara. isl fluor, 

Q. C, Aniierson. 




outside: wrapper 
of every Bottle of the 

Sold Wholesale by the Proprietors, 

Worcester ; 

Crosse & Blackwell, Ltd.. London ; 

and Export Oilmen generally. 



A :.-,tue .ss..,.,na,< ..I F.„«ilsK „.,v,m.. Am. 
l:iiiCliniLi t-.mioiis, cuii.ianlly nii ri:imi. 
Views of Rio and nci^lihaurhood. 

Orders receive! for S,7ir-iHitic .ui^ nih-^r l.r 
Old BiBzilian stamps boilijht. 

A^fits !'<" Lo'igstrflA's Huhh/t .'H.imf'i. 
■Mkiusoii's PcimiiKTif-' :ind I'l-.rV Sn.n. 

V«udnvs of llie GKNUINR wwld renown*.) 

Cm/' At'pU Blossoms ^ Lavcmier Sails 
No. 67, Rua do Otividor, 




laM Kiiv.'il Miiil.- 

37, Kua do Ouvidor, 37. 



Butioii. Coleridge Galilee, Heveliua, Olbets, 
.i„,i Woi-dswurth. 

New York 

BAiiiA iiiid rHRXAi^inrco 

Taking 1st ami ,vd >:lass pa..en,,'L.r.s at moderal. 

Surgeon and Stewardess carried. 
Tlie voyage iti much cjuieker tliaii by "ay of !-:iif;l:ui( 
and without the iiicoiivciiieiice oi lr:uisfer, 

■Weekly carfto .^learners fur Nl-W VOKK, 


For freisld apl>ly tn the Ilroker 

Wm. R. McNiven, 

60. Rua i."de :Mari;o. 
For passages and further iuforiiiation a|)ply to the 

Agsnis: NORTON, MEGAW & Co. Ld, 

58, Rua 1" de Mar(;o 



Capital. . . 40,000,000 Marks. 


OK EV^.;l■i^■ kind ,\nm> nKSCKi!'Tn>N' / 
No. 79 Rua Sete de Setcmbro 

i-\ ii,...i. 



Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Sciatica, 

Lumbago, Backache. Headache, Toolhichc, 

■•r* Tbrinit. 8wrlllMS«, Hpralmi. llruUcit 
Uura*, (kBlda, Frixt UItu, 

King, FerreiPJ S Co., AJenls lor Brazil, 






H-u-a, cio O-vx-v-id-Ox- IsT. QV 


-VJONHHBin. & Co. 

steamship Agents 





Si,aiJ.miro,V.r.i.-i. Pclni No. i. 1'. ". Il"xni3 


202, RUA DO CATTETE, Ut floor, 

117 AVENIDA U3 UK NoVVLMlilitJ, 

Regular Lines of Ste.ini Patkeis between 

Bremen-United States 
„ Brazil 

., River Plate 

„ China. Japan 

„ Australia 

Departures fxm A'ic "> J>'>ieirn on the ist 
,1'ia is'l' of each iitonih to 
Bahis, Antwerp and Bremen. 
Passengers and caigo for all ports oi the different lines 

Pass,igfs Rat's: 'J'-'.- 3""'-f''- 

Rio— Antwerp, Bremen 5™ Marks, ijotooo 

„ -Lisbon ''5 .. wofooo 

For further informallon apply to 

HEHIHI- STOLTZ & Co., Agents. 

Rua da Alfiindega, No, 6 3- '^ '° ^^ Janeiro. 



Orellana Mar. 29th 1808 

Oropesa -^P"' ^^^'^ 

Liguria f - 26th 

l-hMe DooJlar Hieamers are titled wilh the electric light an 
.11 -^erconveniences. Cuisine of highe.t order. 
f« freighis apply 'o F- D. Machado. 

No. 4, Kua S. Pedro; 
and for (las^K':-' """^ °'^" inlormauoii 10 

Wilaon Sona & Cn,, L^d,, Aneius, 

So. I. Kua Sao Pedro, 

Compaiiliia Nacional de %nm Costeira. 


riio cii^cuvery oltlus wQiuiorfui pr^-nii 
thu BfHv.ilimi flui-H hua runiiahe'Ll 


vill sail fur 

6'. Joan da ll'irra 
111 tlio '-i-'Td iiisl. 
fari-'n ntiii .■ni'nmmrii.ias ill tin: Trajiicln 

W.-i.klv Pass-TiL'i'rsiTvifi' iM.iWM-n luo at 
Jannro -Ami !'<>rlo .li-v/r^ failniL' at I itra- 
nat-Mui. l».-s.r,Tn, Kiu( IViotas. 

•lniUii>.'s i-vi-ry J^iiluniay ai 1 p. m. nivii- 
riiiblv. " 

The Steamer 


will silii f.^r 

I'aritnitfjnd. Deslerru. liio Ornnde. PdotiiK 
atui Porto Aleyre. 
Freight ;iiid pa.rcels recf^ivw! IhrnUf,'h the 
Tniplcin^ Sll.viNO. 

Viiliiiibl<-s ;tL Liu- I'tlic.'. nil ihi- (i;iy of 
siiiliiij:. till - P- m. 

,V.. encom7ne>Hi.i^ of .my description wu be received nt the Comimny; ojfica. 

For passages and information apply to the onice of 


The «Nocte.iicira AmnrH Pill«.. .■.i-,: pi-<'pHr- 
ecl with h11 soielUifiU pi'oumilnjii-. foi- ih.-ir 
perl'eot pi'eserviULon :mct tire imi ii;> im 
strutivi tiuxeti, HO ihm ihey niay b« i'or\'v:iiu- 
i:l1 toy |)osl in filliiiij ordurs from nil purts 
of liio wuflci. They :ire mjeoiiipnnioti 
with printed dir-tsiJliunB m iliif.- ,:.n.iuiiye» 
— Poi-tut|Uese,%nglibh ;.iul Ki-.'ii.n .- «i> thnl 
iheir thtJfiiiJeutii; orfel.;l^- :ui.l ili._- iiiiuinep 
of tHkiuii ihetn mny be reiulily undoratoocl. 
All oi'dens iiddi-esBsd lu the iiiiiiiuracti-irer, 
Hoi/oinpHiiied by tha money mid the poat- 
I offioa adctrtiss of the iippliii.nU, will bo 
promptly filled and the pills will befor- 
wiirded' reDisiered by pwwt, m the follow- 
iiiyrnies;— Per sintiie hu\. 2SMOO ; per 
luili'dotoii boxes, ILISOUO; por uo/.oii bux,es 

AtldreeB of miuiufHuuirer; — JomiLiini Uii- 
eiio fie Miranda, Kua de S. Petiro, N. 'J'*, 
I.oandBr. Rio do Joneiro, Braiil. 

Tiiii Rio Ni-w 


s piipc 

living: .uiKiually 
'I .Mail mid Thr 
med its present 
ihcii it wa,- put>- 

liftii iinhHhhed as ///.■ S'>ulli Am,' 

/i>!l}ihaiol Am,;,.<,i, .Mail. It : 

title at the lieKii"l'"'«i>l' April, if; 

lished three times a uioiith. I'ron 

been chniiged to a weekly puldicnliim, and from four 

pajtes it has Iwen increiised to twelve, 

.Ys ail .idvertisiti^ inediillil TlIK Nkws occupies nil 
exi-epiii>nally advamcit'eiius position. It circulates 
widely IhruuLjhout Uni/il, »iiil h1»i» in Kiirupe ami tile 
I iiiled Si,ttL->.. n-' suhserihersiircptiiicijiany Inisiuca.s 
iiitii iiilL-ii'>ted ill Htii^iliiiii Itude, industries and in- 
\esliueiit^-. Nu otlii-t piritHlienl. even with much 
larjicr oircuhttioii, can olTer heller iiiducemeiils to ad- 
vertisers who seek the atttulion of the^e cUs.ies, 

All cuiumiiTiitatiwis should lie ndiiressed to the 
Kdilor and I'liblisher, iToiia do Correii> 15*, Rio de